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The shocking treatment of mental illness in UK prisons

The 2022 Mental Health Bill was meant to put an end to the practice of using jails as a so-called “place of safety” for mentally ill individuals, but a startling new investigation reveals this is still happening.

Washington System Fraudulently Billed for 'Medically Unnecessary' Spine Surgeries

In a whistleblower lawsuit, the United States and the State of Washington charged MultiCare Health, located in Tacoma, Washington, of fraudulently charging federal healthcare programs for spine procedures done by physician Jason Dreyer, DO, at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane between 2019 and 2021.

The importance of ASC Compliance programs

Despite the complex regulatory environment that healthcare institutions must navigate, establishing a safe and effective compliance program may help reduce risk, according to a Coronis Health blog article from January 17.

Healthcare Billing Fraud: 10 Recent Cases

These are the 10 healthcare billing fraud instances that Becker’s has published since December 29. They range from the acquittal of a Maryland physician in an alleged $15 million conspiracy to the sentencing of two Florida residents for their participation in a $93 million scheme.

Ukrainian Parliament unblocks Medical Cannabis Bill

According to MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak of the opposition Holos (Voice) party, the signature of the medicinal cannabis law has been allowed by the Ukrainian Parliament, as reported on Telegram on January 16.

Bill to update emergency detention process for mental illness passed by committee

With unanimous support, the House Public Health Committee approved a measure allowing doctors to utilize information provided to medical workers as the basis for an emergency detention application.

Vista Medical Center East board members concerned about hospital finances

There are concerns about the route American Healthcare Systems (AHS) is taking as it seeks to put Vista Medical Center East in Waukegan on solid financial footing.

Congressional Spending Bill Faces Continued Opposition From Far Right

The clock is ticking down on a first spending deal deadline to fund parts of the government as Speaker Johnson attempts to wrangle the most conservative members of his caucus. The idea of another short-term patch has already been floated on the Senate side.

Ozempic Mania's billions in bills are coming for US taxpayers

An increasing issue facing state and municipal governments in the US is the cost of diabetes and obesity medications, which is threatening the balance of their healthcare budgets.

New Georgia Laws In 2024: Here’s What You Should Know

At midnight of 2024, several laws came into force together with the new year. Here are some things to be aware of about recently passed laws as well as updated laws.

Physician acquitted of $15M Medicare Fraud Conviction

A federal court overturned a Maryland physician’s conviction for his involvement in a $15 million Medicare fraud conspiracy, according to a post by the legal firm Husch Blackwell on JD Supra.

California's Medi-Cal opens offering of health insurance to illegal migrants

Starting January 1, 2024, Undocumented immigrants between the ages of 26 and 49 are now eligible for full medical treatment under California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal. 

Ukraine Medical Cannabis Legalisation Breakthrough

A controversial measure legalizing medical cannabis was passed in Ukraine after hundreds of modifications were filed. At its first reading in July 2023, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada supported Bill 7457. The Bill was passed on its second reading on Thursday, Dec 21, with 248 representatives voting in favor.

Mercy reports a drop in Medical Bill Assistance in 2023

Mercy Springfield paid $147 million in medical bill payments across the community in 2022. The financial assistance payout was reduced to a little over $129.5 million in 2023. Mercy distributed almost $27 million in benefits, a decrease from slightly over $35 million the previous year.

U.S. Healthcare Giants violate Federal Pricing transparency Regulations

In a shocking disclosure, big U.S. hospital chains and esteemed academic medical facilities were discovered to be in breach of federal standards. These organizations, both for-profit and charity, have been punished for failing to adequately disclose their healthcare costs. 

Community Health agrees to pay $345M to settle ‘false claims’ lawsuit

Community Health Network agreed to pay $345 million to the US government in order to resolve charges that it participated in a multi-year program to hire doctors and provide them enormous compensation and incentives in exchange for “downstream referrals” on medical procedures.

23-Provider Dermatology Clinic increases Patient Engagement and Clinic Growth with eClinicalWorks EHR and Healow Patient Engagement Solutions

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., announced that dermatology and skin cancer surgery clinic with 23 providers based in Tennessee, is successfully utilizing eClinicalWorks and healow to allow providers to improve efficiency and enhance patient engagement.

Provider Engagement Platform "KAID" Health raises new Funding

Access to patient data and the time to convert it into compassionate care are prerequisites for delivering high-quality healthcare. Unfortunately, the majority of the information required to deliver this kind of treatment is hidden behind unstructured medical records, which makes using it exceedingly expensive and time-consuming. 

Vitale Bill granting Mental Health Workers more Flexibility in Biling, Reimbursement clears Senate

The Senate has announced legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Vitale, which would enable licensed clinical social workers and other licensed counseling providers to charge NJ FamilyCare directly for qualified services rendered to program participants.

House Passes Bill aimed at Lowering Health Care Costs

In a pivotal legislative move, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ ambitious bill designed to tackle the soaring costs of health care while prioritizing transparency within the system.

Congressman introduces Bipartisan Bill to Ban Electronic Fund Transfer Fees Paid by Physicians

Bipartisan legislation ban the fees that hospitals and doctors must pay for electronic financial transfers.Health insurers are required by the Affordable Care Act to provide medical practitioners with the choice to accept electronic reimbursements. 

The CFPB's Ongoing focus on Medical Debt Highlights Billing Practices' Significance

The 2023 Annual Report on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which details the CFPB’s observations and operations about debt collection in 2022, was released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) last month. 

Deceased Patients Persistently receive Healthcare Notifications: A critical oversight in Systematic Management

In a concerning revelation, it has come to light that deceased individuals are still receiving healthcare notifications and reminders, shedding light on a critical oversight in the management of patient records within the healthcare system. 

Medical Company's Data Breach Impacts Millions in NY

In a recent development, a significant data breach has occurred within a leading medical company, impacting million of individuals across New York. The breach has raised concerns regarding the security of personal and sensitive information, potentially exposing patients to identify theft risks. 

19,000 Southwestern Vermont Medical Center patients notified of billing data breach

This month, thousands of patients of the Southwestern Vermont Medical Centre are being alerted about an online data breach event that may have given hackers access to certain personal data.

USAA Insurance's automated system ‘arbitrarily’ denies claims, alleges lawsuit

A consumer class action was filed against USAA Casualty Insurance Co. and USAA General Indemnity Co. on Thursday, claiming that by assigning adjustment claims to outside parties, they unfairly and arbitrarily rejected personal injury protection and/or medical payment insurance coverage.

GALLEGO backs Bill to improve Health Care Access in Rural Arizona

A positive step towards resolving the urgent healthcare inequalities in rural Arizona, Representative Ruben Gallego has endorsed a critical bill intended to enhance poor populations’ access to healthcare throughout the state.

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