Dermatology Billing Services

Zee Billing Services provide dermatology billing services to physicians around the country. One of our areas of expertise in dermatology billing, which has long been a complicated matter.  Dermatology requires detailed reporting on skin lesions, including number, size and precise location, as well as detailed information on procedures, including excision, biopsy, and lesion destruction.  Many CPT codes used in dermatology are subject to multiple procedure rules, and a thorough understanding of modifiers and post-op periods is essential. In addition to the complex, ever-changing insurance landscape, dermatology has also undergone a workflow evolution. Most dermatological practices have gone beyond medical and surgical procedures. They offer a wide range of cosmetic services for cash, which requires practices to implement technology, develop processes and manage performance across diverse and distinct service lines. This is where a profit cycle management partner like Zee Billing Services can add value.  

Benefits of Using Zee Billing Service Company

One should opt for Zee Medical Billing for the below-mentioned purposes:
  • We provide professional services for safe and comfortable use.
  • By using our services, you will get the best collection and profit.
  • We provide a full range of financial and RCM reporting services.
  • By using our service, you can have 24/7 remote access to financial and patient data.
  • Full transparency throughout the entire revenue cycle, so you can rely on us.
  • Our customers are our priority, which is why we provide excellent customer service and support.
  • We are 100% compliant with HIPAA standards and guidelines.

Comprehensive Dermatology Billing, Collections & Practice Management

With over 19 years of medical billing experience, Zee Medical Billing Service will increase your income and improve your bottom line. We built our revenue cycle management solution based on a proven technology platform and the experience of serving thousands of doctors’ practices across the country. By taking care of your profits through Zee Medical Billing Service, you have the freedom to take your course your way. We have experience in managing multi-site and multi-doctor practices providing personal attention to our clients. Our bespoke services offer financial peace of mind and include:
  • Zee Medical Billing Service offers complex allergy resistance coding, including code changes for multiple rules of procedure.
  • We also provide easy electronic submission of complaints.
  • We provide system based claims scrubbing.
  • A medical certification facility is also available.
  • Our experienced staff provide a safe and comfortable process of patient input, reporting and follow-up.
  • Management of trade receivables.
  • A comprehensive financial and practice management reporting system is provided.
  • Secure online access 24/7 to all billing and complaint management information.
  • Detailed online reports of financial and practical analysis.

Electronic Claim Submission

  • Certified Professional Employee Codes
  • Remote access to all your patient data
  • View patient balances and transaction history
  • Detailed reports and end of month
  • Patient lists are sent at least once a month

Dermatology Billing Company and Expenses

Our clients reduce office expenses by using our services and software – all you need is a PC and Internet access. Our practice management software is all-inclusive and is part of our standard service. There are no expensive software upgrades or support costs. There are no hidden costs or additional costs. Zee Billing Services is unique in the field of dermatology billing. We offer a complete business solution for medical billing and practice management needs, and we do it all for one fee. All medical billing services and benefits you receive are included, even night mail for shipping demographics. Our rate is below the national average. Zee Medical Billing Service’s goal is to provide maximum return on your requests at a competitive price, without sacrificing patient service or support.

Dermatology Billing Services 

One of the benchmarks of experienced programmers and billers is that they understand specialty-specific coding and payer guidelines. At Zee Medical Billing Services, our team of certified dermatology coders and issuers know exactly how to file a claim for maximum reimbursement for key procedures such as MOHS, biopsies, excisions (summing repair areas and documenting exact measurements) and other related procedures. Our billing and coding specialists not only understand payer-specific coverage policies but are also fully trained and certified. We understand the importance of accurately coding the numerous procedures performed by dermatologists. It is imperative that all procedures are accurately recorded and coded with the greatest possible degree of specificity to avoid rebuttals and lost profits. Zee Medical Billing Services has decades of experience providing medical billing services and serves hundreds of medical practitioners across the country. This is a company that is trusted by many dermatologists. Having entered almost 3 million codes in the last year alone, we have the necessary knowledge and technology to receive payment. Get a free no sting attached billing services quote from ZEE Medical Billing for your practice.