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Mental health or behavioral health services are very critical for one’s life and psychological recovery. A number of components work together to form a thorough process that is necessary for the delivery of effective mental health services. One such crucial component of this process is mental health billing. Without proper medical billing like errors in the system, inaccurate or incomplete documentation, and problems in pre-authorization, mental health professionals may not get paid for their services, resulting in a loss of revenue and the inability to provide quality care to their patients.

Zee Medical Billing is one of the leading mental health billing companies in the US that provides solutions for your effective mental health billing challenges. We specialize in providing customized and comprehensive medical billing services that are specifically designed for mental health practices. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced during behavioral and mental health billing services over the last two decades, ZEE Medical Billing provides innovative ways to improve your revenue cycle management.

Our Process

Our mental health billing process starts with the verification of eligibility and benefits in which we first verify that either the patients are eligible for the services they receive and that their insurance benefits are valid.
After that, we prepare and submit the claims with pinpoint accuracy and leave no chance for errors.
Then Posting of Insurance and Patients' Payments is done. This phase involves careful record-keeping and the reconciliation of payments from insurance companies and patients.
The management of denied claims is carried out when challenges appear in the form of rejected claims. When claims are denied, Zee Medical Billing's experts don't give up; instead, they investigate the specific reasons why the claim was rejected and put in an endless effort to find a solution.
We don’t stop here. We perform Follow-ups for Outstanding Claims to ensure the recovery of all money due to healthcare providers.
Then we also Manage Patient Billing Inquiries for those who have questions about their bills.
For proactive care, we conduct Pre-authorization Verification, when necessary, to ensure that healthcare providers receive the appropriate reimbursement for the upcoming treatment they are about to perform.
Our last step of this process is sending Emails to Patients. Zee Medical Billing values clear and open communication with patients and sending them their payment statements via email. This keeps patients involved and informed about their payment that is due.
process of mental health billing services

Exploring the wide range of Mental Health Billing Services

Mental health services encompass a range of treatments and therapies designed to support individuals dealing with emotional and psychological challenges. As more individuals seek help for their mental well-being, it’s crucial to understand the types of mental health services available. Here, we’ll explore four key types of mental health services:

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves a therapist facilitating discussions among a small group of individuals dealing with similar issues. Group therapy can address various mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and addiction.Mental Health Billing services ensure that group therapy sessions are properly documented, coded, and billed to insurance providers.

Family Therapy

Family therapy, also known as couples or marriage therapy, focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts within familial relationships. This type of therapy is particularly beneficial for addressing issues such as addiction, marital problems, or behavioral disorders in children. Behavioral Health Billing Services handle these complexities to ensure proper reimbursement.

Diagnostic Review

Psychiatrists are medical doctors trained to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. A diagnostic review by a psychiatrist is a comprehensive evaluation that may include psychological assessments, interviews, and medical history analysis.Psychiatric evaluations and diagnostic reviews are essential for determining treatment plans. Mental Health Billing services manage the billing process for these crucial assessments.

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic services provided by psychiatrists involve ongoing treatment and therapy for individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions. This may include medication management, psychotherapy, and counseling. Psychiatrists often provide therapeutic services alongside diagnostic assessments. Mental Health Billing services ensure that these therapeutic sessions are billed correctly.

What services does Zee Medical Billing offer for mental health billing

We prioritize all our services and also comply with HIPAA and other regulatory standards. Our mental health billing services include:

Why Clients prefer us over others?


We have experience of 15 years in line as Mental health service providers. We work day and night to provide you the best services.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing for the services we provide to clients as a mental health billing expert is nominal and affordable, which makes the client choose us over others

Professional Team

We have an expert professional team specialized in mental health billing services with well-defined experience in the field of insurance billing industry.

No Communication Gaps

We work with the purpose of transparency in our job by updating the client weekly through calling, emailing, or video conferencing to avoid any communication gap.

Why outsource mental health billing services?

Behavioral and mental health care professionals face different responsibilities, including medical billing and regulations, which can reduce their focus on prioritizing patients and spend more time on administrative paperwork than on patients. Outsourcing behavioral health billing can optimize revenue, reduce workload, and allow clinicians to focus on patient care, by utilizing external services or software.

Outsourcing does not mean you will lose control over your company’s operation as most people have misconceptions. Instead, outsourcing means you opt for transparency, automate monitoring, and reduce administrative burden on your staff. These outsourced organizations speed up your insurance claim processing and potentially increase cash flow by reducing 

Most Often Used Mental Health and Behavioral Health CPT Codes

Zee medical billing uses different CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes that healthcare providers perform to describe medical, surgical, and diagnostic services in medical billing. ZMB Select the CPT code that best describes your services. Here are some of the most common behavioral codes that we utilize in our billing process:


This code captures the services for brief patient consultations and evaluations and ensures accurate billing for outpatient visits.


For more extended outpatient consultations and evaluations, this code precisely reflects the time and complexity of the service provided.


This code is essential for documenting and billing comprehensive psychiatric diagnostic evaluations that include medical components.


For standard psychotherapy sessions, this code accurately represents our 30-minute sessions and reflects our commitment to effective therapeutic interventions.


For extended psychotherapy sessions lasting 45 minutes this code ensures precise billing and representation of the therapeutic service provided.


This code encompasses our extended psychotherapy sessions involving both the patient and/or family member, offering a comprehensive approach to mental health care.


Reflecting our dedication to in-depth psychotherapeutic interventions, this code is applied for sessions lasting 60 minutes, capturing the extended duration of the service.


For comprehensive outpatient visits requiring a more extended duration, this code accurately depicts the complexity of the service provided.

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Outsourcing Your Behavioral Health Billing Services: Why Zee Medical Billing Is the Perfect Choice

The main goal behind our outsourcing medical billing services is to provide the expertise that you deserve and take your work of behavioral health billing to new heights of perfection. Here’s why Zee Medical Billing is your best partner for your behavioral health billing needs. 

Unmatched Expertise

Resilience in Resolution

Tailored Solutions

Seamless RCM

Precision in Process

Transparent communication

Proven Case-Studies

Behavioral Billing Support

With the experience of 20 years, ZEE Medical Billing knows how to handle the complexities of behavioral health billing. We have experts who can easily handle all your billing needs, complete your documentation, and stay updated with all the billing regulations. They know how to overcome the complexities associated with this counseling service. We ensure that the insurance billing services are accurately optimized for higher reimbursements and smoother financial operations. We address each type of mental health billing service as healthcare providers face different challenges against each type of treatment. Our experience allows us to address all common issues for a smoother billing process. 

All the billing processes need precision as billing is not just about numbers. Zee Medical Billing prides itself as we have a unique approach to address all the aspects of the billing process. Each step starting from accurate claim preparation to payment posting requires accuracy and we ensure it in our organization. By outsourcing your behavioral health billing needs to us, you must be confident about an error-free experience.

Rejected claims present chances for resolution rather than barriers. Zee Medical Billing’s experts don’t shy away from challenges instead we examine each challenge of a claim’s denial and work tirelessly to resolve those issues. As we are committed to providing you with maximum reimbursement we process each claim to maximize your revenue potential.

Behind outsourcing your mental health billing needs your goal is to maximize your entire revenue cycle. At Zee Medical Billing we thoroughly check each step from mental health medical audit processes to healthcare billing solutions for maximum efficiency. By minimizing errors and maximizing reimbursement, we simplify all of your billing processes.

For any business organization transparency and communication are important parts. Zee Medical Billing adopts this approach and ensures seamless communication throughout our partnership if you choose Zee Medical Billing for outsourcing your behavioral health billing. We keep you informed at every step and provide clear facts and figures about your billing processes. This open communication also gives you the benefit that you have a clear understanding of your financial operations.

Each healthcare organization is different from others and billing needs for each practice also need different types of solutions especially the billing for mental health practices. Zee Medical Billing offers behavioral health billing solutions tailored to your practice’s unique needs. Whether you have a large behavioral health institution or a solo practitioner, our behavioral health billing services provide you with a unique and customized billing solution. Whether you need pre-authorization verification or handling patient billing inquiries, we improve the overall experience of your billing process.

As a behavioral health billing company, we provide comprehensive support, including billing for mental health services, to ensure you receive deserved reimbursements while you focus on patient care.

Explore our mental health billing case studies showcasing successful outcomes. From psychiatrist medical billing to billing for mental health services, we’ve partnered with different practices and proven our expertise to enhance your revenue cycles and reduce claim denials.

How can we help you?

Tips for improving Mental Health Billing Services

Both patients and professionals in the mental health field need to be able to bill accurately. Here are a few helpful tips to speed up the billing procedure:

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Streamline your medical billing process with Zee - the trusted partner for healthcare providers. From accurate verification of benefits to timely reimbursement, our comprehensive solutions ensures maximum revenue and peace of mind. Let ZMB handle your billing while you focus on patient care.