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Revenue Cycle Management

Revolutionize your revenue cycle management with Zee Medical Billing. In today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, having a successful RCM system is essential for the financial viability of your healthcare practice.


Zee Medical Billing recognizes that medical provider credentialing is an essential component of a healthcare facility’s operation. Zee Medical Billing can help you increase your credentialed payers, increase your patients, and increase/protect your market share.

Patient Scheduling

Medical Practices must maintain an effective scheduling process to maximize patient care time and increase patient satisfaction. Scheduling can quickly become a distraction and hassle for any practice.

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No Upfront Cost



insurance credentialing

Insurance Credentialing

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Dedicated Account Management

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Reduced Rejected Claims

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Faster Claim Turnaround

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Patient Scheduling

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ZMB Helps Practices

Save Cost

By outsourcing your RCM to ZMB, you can reduce your overhead costs by up to $46,200 a year on personnel, training, and software.

Save Time

At ZMB, we use automation to speed up the billing process and handle all the administrative tasks effectively, so you can focus on providing quality healthcare services to your patients.

Increase Revenue

Our RCM solutions are designed to maximize your revenue. Our proficiency with high clean claim rates, appeals and rejections procedures are prerequisites for increased revenue.

Customer Satisfaction

We handle all billing responsibilities, lower billing errors, and enhance the general patient experience. We provide updates on your revenue cycle, which enables you to interact with patients effectively.
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