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The shocking treatment of mental illness in UK prisons

The 2022 Mental Health Bill was meant to put an end to the practice of using jails as a so-called “place of safety” for mentally ill individuals, but a startling new investigation reveals this is still happening.

Prior to being moved to secure hospitals, inmates are kept behind bars for an average of 85 days, according to the Prisons Inspectorate.

What was the outcome? Some of the sickest people are in terrible pain, and patients, inmates, nurses, and prison employees are actually suffering.

A spokesman for the government has informed us:

“Prisoners have the right to mental health care while awaiting treatment, as well as assistance in quitting substances and entering treatment.

In order to assist inmates in accessing community-based health treatments, NHS England is investing in post-custody care. This measure will help to lower crime rates, prevent reoffending, and safeguard public safety.

Please be advised that some of the facts may disturb you.

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