Insurance Credentialing

Insurance Credentialing

Zee Medical Billing recognizes that medical provider credentialing is an essential component of a healthcare facility’s operation. Zee Medical Billing can help you increase your credentialed payers, increase your patients, and increase/protect your market share.

Zee Medical Billing provider credentialing services ensure that your physician credentialing is completed correctly and timely. Our team has technical knowledge of insurance company requirements to manage the credentialing process, allowing you to remain focus on providing patient care.

Our service offering includes Provider Credentialing, Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment, Insurance Contract Negotiations, Payer Fee Schedule Creation, and Telemedicine Credentialing. All overseen by experienced, knowledgeable and professionals from the Zee Medical Billing Team. 

Our Process

our process

We Capture Every Dime For You

ZMB can help your practice achieve desired revenue goals with a 99% average clean claim first-pass rate and with tried-and-true billing procedures. ZMB delivers!

With an efficient appeal and denial management system and a low rejection rate, ZMB can proficiently collect all your accounts receivables. The ZMB team, has decades of experience servicing medical practices. Allow ZMB to handle the technical aspects of billing so you can remain focused on providing patient care.

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