Laboratory Billing Services

Transform the future of your healthcare practice with our innovative billing solution. A step forward to maximum revenue, increased efficiency, and compliance with the landscape of laboratory billing.

Revolutionize Your Laboratory Billing Services with ZEE Medical Billing

The medical field is completed with the functions of laboratories. Laboratories allow healthcare providers to early detect diseases to get successful outcomes. Around 70% of medical decisions depend on laboratory test results. As this field is crucial, the need for accurate billing for this field also can never be overstated. To maintain financial growth, laboratory billing must be precise and efficient. Give your laboratory billing responsibilities to Zee Medical Billing and experience excellent financial development. Our team of experts are ready to handle the challenging tasks of billing administration so you can easily find hidden revenue sources. 

For correct invoicing, laboratories manage different types of insurance plans, regulatory regulations, and coding standards. Errors in any of these areas can result in the rejection of claims, delayed payments, and loss of revenue. Zee Medical Billing helps you become one of the increasing number of happy clients who have significantly raised their revenue while reducing operational stress.

We Offer Complete Solutions for Your Laboratory Billing Needs

ZEE Medical Billing has been located in the US for the last 20 years. We provide a range of services for laboratory billing that make a complete solution to fulfill your all needs. Our team works hard to fulfill the unique requirements of your laboratory billing. We provide customized billing solutions whether you have a small diagnostic lab or a large clinical laboratory to achieve your financial goals. 

We utilize the latest technology to get maximum efficiency and accuracy. We believe that relying on one thing is not enough. Both human and technology have their own importance. That’s why we not only depend on technology, but we adopt a balanced approach in which both human insights and technological capabilities are utilized to get more successful results.

Our Capabilities

Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

The main objective behind our services is to enhance your revenue cycle management through our RCM services. At Zee Medical Billing we optimize each step of the billing process starting from charge capture and claim submission to payment posting and denial management. By providing you with our laboratory billing services we ensure your laboratory receives the maximum reimbursement.


Minimized Billing Errors

In medical billing errors occurrence is the place that leads to revenue loss and compliance issues. As an experienced company, we know this fact, and that’s why we have a complete audit step in which each billing process is checked before further processing. All the errors are removed to ensure that the claims are accurate and complete before submission. This process not only removes errors and speeds up payment but also reduces the chances of denials and rejections.

Regulatory Compliance

The medical billing field revolves around strict regulations and compliance with those regulations is necessary for each organization. If not followed can result in the form of non-compliance which leads to severe penalties. To save you from these penalties, zee medical billing experts are updated with the latest healthcare regulations which ensures that your laboratory billing practices are always compliant with federal, state, and payer-specific guidelines and reduce the risks of audits and penalties.


Increase patient satisfaction

Our laboratory billing company is established to reduce your headaches and give comfort to you. And when your billing processes are efficient you feel relaxed as well as your patient satisfaction is also enhanced. At Zee Medical Billing we help to reduce patient grievances related to billing issues and ensure that each procedure is billed accurately and on time. This accuracy also fosters trust and loyalty among your patients.

"Missing Out on Revenue with Your RCM Partner?"

At Zee Medical Billing, we prioritized efficient processes with the help of our advanced technology. We are your RCM partner that provides a complete range of revenue cycle management services. Our goal is to increase your profit and protect all your accounts receivable (A/R).

Phase 1: Our initial phase consists of a comprehensive evaluation of your current financial operations. In this phase, we mainly focus on identifying opportunities for development in the field of medical billing and mainly focus on your strengths

Phase 2: After this evaluation our experienced staff will work hard to find any hidden revenue sources that you may have missed and you don’t have knowledge about. 

Phase 3: Our specialized lab billing company offers different customized recommendations and strategies to strengthen your revenue cycle. In this phase, we ensure the financial stability of your healthcare practice. 

Revenue cycle management

Our Working Strategy

At Zee Medical Billing our working approach is based on four pillars including integrity, proactivity, empathy, and drive for excellence. 

    • We provide our clients with transparent billing that ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and maintains our partnership with our clients. 
    • Our team handles all challenges before they become issues. We constantly monitor new industry trends and all the regulatory changes to adapt our services accordingly. 
    • The main focus of our approach is to understand the unique needs of our clients. We listen to our clients and respond to them according to our best solution that meets their specific requirements. 
    • The main goal of our all approaches is to give the highest quality of services. Improve our services and get more perfection in our laboratory billing work.

Our comprehensive laboratory billing services

Zee medical billing laboratory billing services optimize your healthcare financial management. Our comprehensive services are specially designed to optimize each aspect of your billing operations. 

  • Accurate Charge Entry to ensure all charges are entered accurately. 
  • The entire Claim Submission process to maintain revenue flow. 
  • Timely Payment Posting to ensure all payments are posted accurately.
  • Denial Management to identify root causes of denials, correct and resubmit it.
  • Accounts Receivable Management to maintain healthy cash flow. 
  • Compliance and Audit Assistance to fulfill regulatory requirements. 


Types of Labs We Served

Zee medical billing covers each type of lab’s billing needs. We have a team of laboratory billing professionals that understand the unique requirements of each type. Our team has experts who are well experienced and trained for the specific requirements of laboratory billing specialties including:

Outpatient Laboratories

Clinical Laboratory billing

Molecular Diagnostics

Toxicology Laboratories


Demographic Management

Travel Phlebotomy Laboratories

Reference Laboratories

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Laboratory Billing Services to ZEE Medical Billing

Free initial consultation

At Zee Medical Billing, we offer free initial consultations to our patients to find the current status of your billing processes. The purpose of this consultation is to completely understand the current situation of your laboratory as we provide customized billing solutions so make our plan accordingly to maximize revenue generation.

Expert Laboratory Analysis

With the complex regulatory requirements laboratories’ billing systems generate a lot of data. To overcome this complexity we have advanced analytics solutions which provide us instant clarity. These solutions help to extract all the important business insights and assess the performance to make wise decisions.

Expert knowledge of insurance

We have been in the field of medical billing for the last 20 years and we take pride in our expertise in complex insurance timeframes and their fee structure. We handle all the complexities of billing processes like rejected claims and unnecessary write-offs for maximum outcomes.

99 % First Pass Rate

We are glad to offer our 99% first-pass claim rate to you. This increasing first pass rate is possible through our team of professionals who carefully review all the clinical data before filing any claims. This approach ensures that insurance companies handle claims quickly, which results in timely payouts without any delays.

Quick Follow-ups and A/R Management

Quick Follow-ups and A/R Management are just possible through our innovative approaches and extensive expertise. In addition to immediately resolving refused insurance claims and assuring timely filing for optimum compensation, our purpose is to protect what you actually deserve.