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New Bill helps Citizens keep Mental Health Care Access

Wyoming News Now (CHEYENNE, Wyoming) – The goal of the behavioral health redesign law is to guarantee that community-based mental health treatments remain available to residents.

Fearing that it would extend Medicaid or cost the state more, the plan was originally killed as House plan 5 on the first day of the session.

This measure makes services like addiction treatment and case management that are not covered by insurance available to those with public or private health insurance.

The measure contains a sunset that may be adjusted over the next two years and makes use of already-existing provisions that assist the Department of Health in gathering data regarding claims for mental health care.

According to Andi Summerville, Executive Director of the Wyoming Association Mental Health and Substance Abuse Center,

"When somebody needs those services, they are really critical to helping them get better, stay with their families, keep their families together, and it reduces the rate of them going to jail or being involved in the criminal justice system or going to the state hospital or things along those lines."


According to experts, this measure will benefit thousands of people.

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