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Rishi Sunak Led-UK Govt To Introduce Bill to Phase Out Smoking Among Young People

On Wednesday, the British government will present a bill in parliament that will carry out its pledge to gradually reduce youth smoking by outlawing the sale of tobacco products to future generations. If the Tobacco and Vapes Bill passes into law undamaged, it will rank among the strongest anti-tobacco regulations in the world and prohibit youngsters who turn 15 this year or younger from ever being allowed to sell tobacco products lawfully.

Since the government has said that smoking will not be made illegal, those who are now able to purchase tobacco products lawfully will not be prohibited from doing so in the future.

Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated in a statement, 

"If we want to build a better future for our children, we need to tackle the single biggest entirely preventable cause of ill health, disability, and death: smoking."


Opponents label the action as “unconservative,” and a number of ruling party members, including former prime minister Liz Truss, have declared they will vote against the bill. The opposition Labour Party has indicated that it will support the bill, therefore despite the resistance, it is anticipated to pass.

A similar regulation that was imposed in New Zealand and prohibited tobacco sales to anybody born after January 1, 2009, was removed last month by the new coalition administration in that nation.

According to the British government, smoking costs the country’s economy and the National Health Service an estimated 17 billion pounds ($21.63 billion) annually. The British government, which supports vaping as a means to lessen the risks associated with smoking, has been compelled to adopt stricter regulations due to a significant increase in vape usage among young people and nonsmokers.

In an effort to curb the surge in young vaping, the proposed law would also provide new authorities the ability to control the flavors and packaging of vapes, as well as alter how they are exhibited in stores.

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