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Bill to aid Emergency Medical Services advances one round, in the Nebraska Legislature

BEATRICE: A senator from southeast Nebraska’s priority measure, which would provide emergency medical services units in the state more funding, moved on to the second round of deliberations last week.

Senator Myron Dorn introduced LB 1108, which aims to support EMS services, particularly in rural regions where some units are having trouble recruiting enough members.

There is a noticeable decline in the number of members in many squads, and fewer individuals are making all of the calls or going on the runs. Many people will benefit from this measure right now, and maybe it will also help attract more.”

The bill’s initial version would have raised the license registration price from 50 cents to $1. About $1.27 million is contributed to emergency medical services each year by 50 cents. The governor’s administration had backed an increase in that charge of fifty cents.

However, according to Dorn, a recent change to the bill looks for a second source of funding—the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s capital maintenance fund, which is financed by sales taxes on boats and ATVs. The end of 2026 was the planned sunset date for the charge.

“That is what we proposed as an amendment. The people of the Governor were more than happy with it. Hence, it will now come from that capital maintenance money that comes from the game and parks rather than an additional fifty cents on each automobile license. They intend to deposit $1.275 million annually to increase funds for EMS.”

In order to provide an additional $1.27 million for EMS, the measure would take money from the 50-cent vehicle registration tax as well as a portion of the Game and Parks Capital budget.

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