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Mercy reports a drop in Medical Bill Assistance in 2023

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3) – Mercy forecasts that the demand for medical bill assistance will have dropped by 2023. 

Mercy Springfield paid $147 million in medical bill payments across the community in 2022. The financial assistance payout was reduced to a little over $129.5 million in 2023.

The money offered for free or reduced treatment to people who can’t afford to pay their bills or aren’t eligible for public programs was one of the most noteworthy reductions in need this past year. Mercy distributed almost $27 million in benefits, a decrease from slightly over $35 million the previous year. Mercy also spent roughly $5,750,000 on community outreach services, nearly $6 million less than the previous year.

According to Molly Holtmann, community health professionals at emergency departments and small clinics are available to assist people in accessing the services they require.

"We see a lot of need, especially coming through our emergency room. So if someone comes and they identify that they don't have any place to sleep that night or they can't pay their medical bills, or that they have never signed up to Medicaid, the community health workers can help them by referring them out to resources out in the community and helping them sign up for financial assistance which helps that that load off their mind."


Mercy claims to have assisted over 36,500 people through the Charity Care funds, with an average assistance of about $750 per individual.

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