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Urgent Care Billing Services

With Zee Medical Billing, experience the advantage of a top-tier medical billing company handling your urgent care billing services needs.

Boost Your Clinic's Revenue: Streamline Urgent Care Billing for Enhanced Collections!

Demand for urgent care centers is increasing as they are viewed as a vital link between emergency departments and general practitioners. The importance of accurate urgent care billing services is shown by its recent growth in prominence. By 2023, they are forecast to be worth $26 billion. That’s why ZMB provides continuous assistance to handle the complexities that urgent care facilities face, including long patient wait times and longer collection cycles. 

We have the expertise to generate valuable revenue for your urgent care practice and give you the outcomes within a month with a remarkable success rate of 99%. The vision of our urgent care billing company is not just to provide you with services, but rather to give you an innovative and scalable solution for your urgent care business.

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urgent care billing services

Get Specialized Billing Services For Your Urgent Care practice

The nature of Urgent care billing is different from that of other primary billing methods since waiting times are short and services must be quickly available, affordable, and efficient. As this service has a different nature, the challenges also differ, such as incorrect documentation, missing valuable charges, and under-coding charts. As the specialist in urgent care revenue cycle management, ZMB focuses on these and other critical deficiencies to guarantee that our client’s claims must be filed after carefully reviewing and ensuring that they are free of errors.

Our commitment extends beyond processing claims. ZMB is dedicated to educating our clients on the proper use of urgent care billing codes, pinpointing potential discrepancies, and highlighting missing information. This proactive approach maximizes revenue for your urgent care practice, establishing a partnership that goes beyond traditional billing services.

ZMB's Game-Changing Urgent Care Medical Billing Services!

Accurate Data Entry

Completion of Claims

billing challanges

Claims Follow Up

Billing Reports

Payments and Audits

billing challanges

Appeals Management

Benefits of choosing Zee Medical billing

  • Fast, on-time reimbursement: We ensure correct claim submission as our certified coders understand the complexities and importance of correct coding.
  • Financial security: Accelerated reimbursements and payments improve cash flow and cut down wait times.
  • Peace of mind: Our electronic claims submissions mean that you always have transparency throughout the revenue cycle.
  • Individual attention: Every account receives dedicated and personalized care from our expert team.
  • 24/7 Service: We give you 24/7 access to your patient data and financial information.

Uncover the Secrets of Outsourcing Urgent Care Billing and Coding!

In most cases, patients walk in seeking immediate medical attention, which leaves little time for pre-registration forms or verification of patient information. In emergencies, patients may prefer to pay in cash on the spot. An urgent care medical billing system can make all the difference to your practice. 

Make Life Easier

Our medical billing services are designed to make your life easier and improve efficiency of your practice.


ZMB ensures that you stay on top of your urgent care billing with an optimized revenue cycle.

Dedicated Team

Our team streamlines urgent care billing with specialized software for seamless service management

Reduce Claim Denials

Outsourcing your urgent care medical billing to ZMB will help you stay on top of billing, reduce claim denials.

Behind the Scenes: Zee Medical Billing's Remarkable Process in Urgent Care Billing Magic


Documentation Review

We start by examining medical records with a keen eye for accuracy, compliance, and billable claims.


Claim Filing & Confirmation

We take charge of filing and submitting claims, after prompt client notification upon Medicare confirmation.


Payment Posting

Once payments are received and recorded to patient accounts, follow up with co-insurance secondary claims.


Claims Follow-up

We thoroughly review unrecognized claims from payers, ensuring that every claim is acknowledged and addressed promptly.


Timely Resolution

Within a remarkable 24-hour timeframe, we diligently handle rejected payments, partial payments, and incorrect payments.

Embark on Excellence: What You Can Expect on Your Journey with Us?

Improve AR processing

Thorough Payment Audits

Streamlined Claims Follow-Up

Effective Appeals Management

Immediate Reduction in Denials

Comprehensive Data Protection

Transparent Fee Structures and Processes

Exceptional Flexibility and Scalability

Precision in Patient Demographics Entry

Instant Boost in Overall Revenue Stream

Overcoming Common Mistakes in Urgent Care Billing Services: How Zee Medical Billing Prevails

Why Clients prefers us over others?


We have experience of 10 years in line as Urgent Care Billing Service Providers. We work day and night to provide you the best services.

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing for the services we provide to clients as a Urgent Care Billing expert is nominal and affordable, which makes the client choose us over others

Professional Team

We have an expert professional team specialized in urgent care billing services with well-defined experience in the field of insurance billing industry.

No Communication Gaps

We work with the purpose of transparency in our job by updating the client weekly through calling, emailing, or video conferencing to avoid any communication gap.

Urgent Care Billing Codes

Some Urgent Care Billing CPT Codes are as follows:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent care billing refers to the process of submitting and managing medical bills and claims for services provided at urgent care centers. It involves coding, submitting claims to insurance companies, and handling the financial aspects of patient care.

 Urgent care billing is crucial for the financial stability of urgent care centers. It ensures that healthcare providers receive proper reimbursement for the services they provide, reduces claim denials, and helps streamline the revenue cycle.

Yes! ZEE Medical Billing has the capacity to handle billing for multiple urgent care centers. We offer scalable solutions that cater to the needs of both small and large urgent care practices. Whether you have one location or multiple centers, we provide efficient and comprehensive billing services tailored to your specific requirements.

Timely claim submission is essential for prompt reimbursement in urgent care billing. At ZEE Medical Billing Services, we prioritize the efficient processing and submission of claims. Our experienced team ensures that claims are accurately prepared, verified, and submitted within the required timeframes, minimizing delays and maximizing revenue for urgent care centers.

ZEE Medical Billing offers comprehensive patient billing and collections services for urgent care centers. We handle patient co-pays, deductibles, and outstanding balances with professionalism and empathy. Our patient-focused approach ensures clear communication, timely statements, and effective follow-up, helping you streamline your revenue cycle and improve collections.

Medical Billing Services

Streamline your medical billing process with Zee - the trusted partner for healthcare providers. From accurate verification of benefits to timely reimbursement, our comprehensive solutions ensures maximum revenue and peace of mind. Let ZMB handle your billing while you focus on patient care.