Free Medical Billing Software Programs for Small Practices

Free Medical Billing Software Programs for Small Practices

If you’re running a healthcare business, then it’s a must for you to use medical billing and software. Medical billing software is used in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. The software can directly bill patients or insurance companies and track patient procedures. Medical billing software pricing can range from a few hundred dollars per month per user to a large one-time fee. There is also free medical billing software available. We will talk about free Medical Billing Software for Small Practices here.

Medical billing software automates the healthcare billing process for doctors and medical offices. Finding the best computer application for your needs will boost your office’s reimbursement rates, increase revenue, and help you build a long-term medical practice.

Understanding your medical office’s needs is the first step in selecting the best medical billing software. Choose software that helps you schedule appointments, automatically enters patient information when the doctor sees them and has scrubbing features to improve your insurance acceptance rate. With reports and analytics, top software makes it simple to get an overview of the health of your medical practice.

The repetitive and error-prone billing tasks are automated by medical billing software. It benefits medical centers by:

  • Code claims properly
  • Increase collections
  • Provide reports on collections and rejections
  • Verify patients’ insurance coverage
  • Post payments and EOBs

Free Software Pricing Options

Different from electronic medical records, when researching electronic medical billing solutions, there are countless combinations of pricing strategies to explore. The best software pricing strategy for you may differ from that of others, but here are several options that you will have available to you.

  • Free Software

A small handful of software options will make a free version of the software available at no charge.

  • Free Versions

Many billing software options will include a free version allowing a user to set up a trial account, use the system for a set number of days or months, and then convert the free version into a paid account.

Free Medical Billing Software Programs for Small Practices

We analyzed the best Free Medical Billing Software Programs for Small Practices or free versions of software to help you in deciding what is best for you.


DrChrono, a cloud-based medical billing software solution that also serves as a patient management portal, offers a 30-day free trial. Anyone in the office can easily access patient data online or through an iPad or iPhone app. The system assists physicians in managing patient intake, care, clinical charting, and billing.

Nurses can enter vitals data for patients, while doctors can leave patient notes about their visits. Doctors can use the Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances feature to prescribe controlled substances, making it quick and easy to stay compliant. The system also allows you to order lab tests from among 45,000 U.S. labs, making it easier for patients to provide doctors with accurate health information and results.

Doctors can also annotate records and use an iPad to upload real-time photographs to embed in patient records. Billing codes can be pre-populated, making it simple to complete any task. The system integrates with Box, a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage system, as well as several other partner apps.

DrChrono’s simplicity is appreciated by medical providers of all sizes, as is the ability to streamline their patient management tasks.


TherapyNotes is the most trusted online practice management and EHR software for behavioral health practices of all sizes. It is the largest platform for mental health professionals, with the most user-friendly software and the best customer service in the industry. TherapyNotes’ streamlined scheduling, notes, billing, and a custom client portal — along with unlimited support and superior security — can help you optimize how you manage your practice, allowing you to focus less on administrative tasks and more on your clients’ needs.

TherapyNotes offer:

  • Streamlined scheduling and a personal to-do list that automatically generates tasks based on past activity
  • Powerful form-based notes, explicitly designed for behavioral health
  • Electronic insurance claims, ERA payment posting, and credit card processing
  • HIPAA compliance, keeping your data encrypted, secured, and backed up regularly


iSalus Healthcare is a true all-in-one solution that allows clinicians to manage, monitor, and improve the health of their patients from start to finish and beyond. iSalus serves small to medium-sized businesses by providing anything from cloud-based EHR with comprehensive patient engagement solutions to practice management software and a Chronic Care Management team that acts as an extension of your practice.

To help patients in achieving better health outcomes, iSalus adopts a unique approach to meet the specific needs of each specialty. Their goal is to improve their patient’s health daily. iSalus partners with healthcare providers to innovate so that you can focus on your patients.


ExpertBox is end-to-end HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software that allows you to provide top-notch telemedicine services, automate your workflow, reduce administrative tasks, go paperless, manage your practice seamlessly and build long-lasting relationships with your patients.

With ExpertBox Software you can:

  • Let patients book appointments with you online 24/7
  • Manage your availability
  • Send automated appointment reminders to patients
  • Get patient details upfront
  • Deliver virtual care via HD video calls
  • Tackle critical issues on the go via chat
  • Send customizable automated invoices
  • Manage patient-related data and documents
  • Get online payments
  • Access your financial history
  • Collect feedback from your patients

AltuMED PracticeFit

AltuMed PracticeFit is an Electronic Practice Management Software that optimizes the Medical Billing Process significantly. It is an intuitive, cloud-based, and user-friendly software that enhances biller’s productivity meaning that now they can help more clients, thereby increasing their revenue.

AltuMed PracticeFit comes with the simplest pricing model with no hidden costs. It provides customers with cloud-based/easy-to-use software that makes them more productive. It has an AR tracker, which makes the analysis and prioritization of tasks easier and more manageable.

The pricing Model for Medical Billing Companies starts at $0, They offer one free subscription for New Clients. The most cost-effective per claim pricing covers eligibility, scrubbing, and ERA. Unlimited training and support, Free Data Transition Support, No Additional Provider Fee, and Unlimited Cloud Storage.

The pricing Model for Medical Practices starts at $0, Completely free if you send 100 claims or less a month, Unlimited training and support, and Unlimited Cloud Storage.


75health is a cloud-based EMR (electronic medical records) software.

With secure online patient records, unlimited data storage, and e-prescription capabilities, and with improved appointment scheduling, customized billing, and automatic mail notifications, it helps medical professionals in securely storing, editing, and sharing medical information.

Users of 75health can keep track of vital patient data like medical history, allergies, drug reactions, medications, and details of previous surgeries and procedures. Physicians can quickly assess the patient’s medical condition and make decisions based on information when they are armed with pertinent patient information.

Benefits of using 75Health includes:

  • Data confidentiality is assured with HIPAA compliance.
  • Supports quick data storage, editing, retrieval, and sharing.
  • Provides users with anywhere, anytime access to medical information, via mobile devices.
  • Users can control access to sensitive patient information with permissions management functionality.
  • Supports the secure transfer of patient medical records.MediFusion


MediFusion is a fully integrated cloud-based software designed to offer the latest EHR and medical billing solutions to healthcare practices and improve clinical administration, and financial operations. MediFusion EHR is a sound business solution to assist healthcare providers in managing medical billing and regulatory challenges.

MediFusion a healthcare technology firm offers various services to help practices improve workflow, increase income, and improve the patient experience. Its smart care management platform works as a single, integrated EHR platform to assist medical practitioners and healthcare providers in growing their businesses.

MediFusion’s state-of-the-art cloud-based EHR is free of cost. It also offers a one-month free trial.


OpenEMR is a Free and Open-Source electronic health records software and medical practice management application in use today. OpenEMR is featuring fully integrated electronic health records, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization, free support, a vibrant community, and a whole lot more.

OpenEMR features include:

  • E-PrescribingAppointment Management
  • Billing SystemPractice Management
  • HIPAA CompliancePayment Processing
  • Billing ManagementIVR / Voice Recognition
  • ONC-ATCB Certified
  • Patient Record Management


TheraNest is one of the best software for therapy practices. It provides a free trial period so you can check out all of the application’s features. Everything you need to run a productive practice is available at TheraNest. Another great convenience for everyone is that it has a client portal where patients can make appointments.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and welfare support specialists make up TheraNest’s target audience. Due to its simplicity of use and highly intuitive design, the platform in particular offers practitioners looking to enter blended care for the first time a straightforward experience.

If you’re looking for the best medical billing solution for your small practice, don’t overlook outsourced medical billing services! Outsourced medical billing can increase your practice’s revenue per year while improving billing accuracy.

These days, managing medical practice is becoming very complex. Whether using free or paid medical billing software, Invest in outsourcing the medical billing process to maximize your practice’s revenue.

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