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We offer the best revenue cycle management solution at most affordable cost.

All billing companies do not serve equal. If you are looking for the best medical billing services company that cares about small and medium practices, you are in the right place. We help healthcare service providers collect more money, faster and easier. Our billing experts improve your bottom line by going the extra mile, to secure the maximum possible reimbursement for you.

Affordable Billing Solution

We provide an affordable and on budget medical billing solution as low as 2.99%. We can help you to save on staffing costs and office expenses. Plus improve your bottom line and ramp up your revenue!

Faster Claims Turnaround

Getting paid is quick and easy with our experienced and well-trained staff. We post your claims to third party payers the same day of service and ensure claims are clean so they are paid on the first submission.

Low Rejection Rate

Medical claims go through three levels of review prior to submission. Our claim submission process will ensure proper coding and correct documentation before sending a claim to insurance for the payment.

Time Saving

We eliminate administrative duties for your providers and office staff by providing access to well trained medical billing experts, so that you can focus on patient care and clinical practice.

Insurance Credentialing

We offer Insurance Credentialing services including Provider credentialing, CAQH registration, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, Insurance contract negotiations, Payer fee schedule creation and Telemedicine credentialing.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our professionally trained medical billing experts will always be in constant communication with you to provide you reports and facilitate your queries.

Patient Scheduling

Patient scheduling is critical to a medical practice business. However, patient appointments management can become a distraction from clinical practice. Let us do the patient scheduling for you while you focus on the clinical care.

No Upfront Cost

We offer free Medical billing services consultant with no strings attached. Our RCM solution has no upfront cost, hidden fees, or any software, training, installation and upgrade fee.

Billing Backup

Medical Billing Backup guarantees trained staff available for medical billing services. By using our RCM solution, you never need to worry about staff turnover, shortage or leaves impacting your cash flow.

Why Practices Call ZEE Medical Billing?

  •  Cash flow problems
  •  In-house billers are way behind and out-dated
  •  Problems meeting payroll
  •  Billing staff is not well trained on how to bill properly
  •  Problems paying bills
  •  Current billing company does not communicate well
  • High denial and rejection rate
  • Doctors working a lot but not making more income
  •  Don’t get the reports needed
  •  High insurance and patient Account Receivable (A/R)
  •  Claims are not followed-up on
  •  In-house billers take too much time off