Medical Billing Service for TherapyNotes

Medical Billing Service for TherapyNotes

If you are facing a shortage of highly qualified and experienced medical billing experts in your team, then, the best option for your organization would be to outsource medical billing services using TherapyNotes to an experienced service provider who will not only provide you with cost-effective services but also save on valuable time.

Adopting billing support that works with your current EHR system is one of the easiest and quickest ways to streamline the administrative burden in your private practice. If you are looking for a billing company to help manage your patient accounts and take over interactions with insurance companies. ZEE Medical Billing is here with the expertise to provide support for practices including TherapyNotes.

TherapyNotes Billing Services

TherapyNotes is an Electronic Medical Record program. With the help of Medical Billing Professionals health providers can focus on providing care to their clients, not worrying about billing and insurance claims. ZMB expert billing team is best suited to meet the unique needs of your practice.

Therapy Notes Offers The Following:

  • Powerful Patient Notes
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Specialty Note Types
  • Built for Speedy Note-taking
  • Quick History Review
  • Download Notes as a PDF

What Services Does ZEE Medical Billing Provide?

ZEE Medical Billing handles everything related to reimbursement for your clinical services. We’re able to help verify benefits on new intake inquiries and handle claims and patient bills. For physicians using TherapyNotes, this is all done from within your own account, minimizing the work on your end.

Our services include:

  • Electronic claim submission
  • Insurance benefits verification
  • Follow up on all unpaid claims at the 30-day mark
  • ERA / EOB processing within your own account
  • Patient account management
  • Mailing of patient statements monthly
  • Provide convenient payment options for your patients
  • Unlimited support inquiries for you, your staff, and your patients.

ZMB Medical Billing can handle all Medical Billing services for TherapyNotes

We can manage all billing responsibilities in TherapyNotes like:

  • Set up accurately all payers and patients in TherapyNotes
  • Accurately submit all claims in TherapyNotes, both electronic and paper.  We will ensure that proper CPT codes and modifiers are used to ensure claims are accepted and not rejected.
  • Follow up on denied claims we have submitted.

You can visit our FAQ section for a detailed list of the support we offer.


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