Medicare Fee Schedule Changes In 2023

The healthcare system remains robust and workable only if the required payments are made timely. If the practitioners get short of money, they are not able to offer quality services to the patients. This is why the Medicare system must ensure all the members of the healthcare system are provided with the required services timely.…

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Relative Value Units

What Are Relative Value Units And How RVUs Work?

The relative value units are of prime importance in the World of medical billing. They are concerned with the value that a medical practitioner offers to patients or clients. Also referred to as factor compensation, RVUs are the indicators that define the actual worth of the medical treatment offered. In simple words, the Relative Value…

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Electronic Remittance Advice

What is Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and its Advantages in Medical Billing?

ERA, also known as electronic remittance advice, makes medical insurance billings easier, more efficient, and error-free. As the electronic data interchange, it puts out all the information related to medical billing, making the associated activities easier for all the concerned parties. The electronic remittance advice entails everything from the payment claims of the provider, explanations…

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hospitalist medical billing Services

Tips to Improve Your Hospitalist Medical Billing

Medical bills are of great significance for medical practitioners. As they have loads to do already, they end up being inefficient in creating medical billing, which leads to them losing out on various charges. Hence, it leads to them missing out on a variety of charges. This further affects their businesses negatively. Gone are the…

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mental health

What Are The Types Of Mental Health Services?

Gone are when mental health issues were considered taboo, and no one would talk about them. Now, they have been accepted as a form of health problem, which has extensive treatment methodologies. Simply put, mental health issues refer to the inability of a person to think clearly, have an uplifted mood consistently and be able…

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