What Are The Types Of Mental Health Services?

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Gone are when mental health issues were considered taboo, and no one would talk about them. Now, they have been accepted as a form of health problem, which has extensive treatment methodologies. Simply put, mental health issues refer to the inability of a person to think clearly, have an uplifted mood consistently and be able to focus on work and relations. Extensive stress, anxiety, and inability to concentrate are some major elements associated with mental health issues.

As a matter of fact, stress can affect mental health negatively, leading to extensive issues and problems. This is why medical treatments are now believed to be a way to manage stress, mental health issues, and other associated problems. Extensive medication and counseling are a part of the treatments added to the outsourced billing services.

Mental Health Services And Their Billings

Mental health services are of various types and help treat extensive problems through psychiatric and psychotherapy practices. Where the treatments that are more concerned with offering medicines to the patients are easier to the bill, treatment related to behavioral issues is a little tough.

Because of the services, restrictions, and scope of behavioral health treatments, medical billing for behavioral health is much more complex than billing for other healthcare fields.

Mostly, the billing services for mental health providers involve evaluating the standard tests patients must go through in their routine checkups. While making the bills, the standard practice is to bundle all these tests accumulated into a single charge.

Types Of Mental Health Services.


Mental health Types

Mental health services are of various types, and the best medical billing company, and the practitioner bills them accordingly. Some of the major types of mental health services include:

Psychiatric Hospitalization

As soon as a person is admitted to a Private psychiatric hospital, he starts getting treated by experts in various manners that start from stabilization and move towards close monitoring. This further leads to medication and further administration of nutrition. Sometimes, emergency care is also given to the patient.

Patients with extensive mental health symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, and Suicidal or homicidal ideation are given these treatments.

Residential Mental Health Treatment

Patients that require extensive and continuous medical treatment are offered residential mental health treatment that involves constant medical supervision, recreational therapies, counseling and Complementary therapies.


One of the most commonly sought-after mental health treatments known as talk therapy is psychotherapy. This is something that the experts offer in both inpatient and outpatient settings. These include individual therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy.


A lot of times, there are mental health symptoms that can easily be treated with the help of medication. These symptoms include antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications. These medications may sometimes continue for several years to help the patient manage his symptoms efficiently.

Billing Procedure Of Mental Health Services


Billing Procedure

A therapist or counselor treats patients differently from other medical professionals. As a matter of fact, behavioral health services include distinct services. They are evaluated based on the therapeutic approach used by the expert, the length of each session and the medication offered to the patient.

Sometimes, the patient may use insurance coverage to fulfill his needs.

Billing mental health services are quite different from billing medical health services. A lot of times, patients need pre-authorized mental health services. This is to be done before filing the medical claims. This is a little complicated process and falls in the category of pre-authorization. Mental health practitioners offer more customized and varied services than primary care physicians.

There is an overall lack of standardization regarding medical billing services for small practices concerned with mental health problems. This is why mental health practitioners find it tough to reimburse their bills. However, certain outsourced billing services still ensure quick reimbursement of the services.

Mental Health Services and Codes

It’s obvious that to get the bills reimbursed, practitioners need to use the right codes. Just like medical health billing, mental health billing also uses both ICD-10 and CPT codes. Where the ICD-10 codes refer to the international classification of diseases, CPT involves current procedural terminology codes.

There is no possibility of billing a patient simply for the diagnosis. However, the law mentions that treatment services are billed using the codes, which can then be claimed.

While billing the medical treatments, practitioners use codes starting with the digit 9. Alongside this, as a generally accepted factor, these codes come with 5 digits in total. The major and most common health practices currently include assessment, testing, evaluation, and management of mental health problems. Alongside this, telehealth and case management are also billed at high volumes.

Once the practitioner knows the evaluation codes that connect with the services provided, the practitioner can initiate the billing process. To verify a patient’s benefits (VOB), we must obtain a copy of their insurance card before their first appointment. Once this is done, the practitioner must log into the insurer’s provider portal and determine whether the patient’s insurance covers the services.

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