Tips to Improve Your Hospitalist Medical Billing

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Medical bills are of great significance for medical practitioners. As they have loads to do already, they end up being inefficient in creating medical billing, which leads to them losing out on various charges. Hence, it leads to them missing out on a variety of charges. This further affects their businesses negatively.

Gone are the days when hospitalists only had to perform only health-related practices. Now, the modern healthcare system requires a physician to ensure the good care of hospitalized patients and perform certain essential non-medical activities.

Hospitalist coding must be accurate and precise if the medical practitioner is serious about getting reimbursements on time. Wrong coding can really delay the process for a very long time, which causes complications for the clinics to continue.

hospitalist medical billing

Unable to keep up with modern billing rules negatively affects the medical industry. For instance, each year there is an uncollected revenue of around $120 billion each year for medical providers working in the United States of America. As a matter of fact, the highest loss faced is by radiologists. This is because documentation of their services and the requisite billing requirements are tough to manage.

However, not everything is gloomy for medical practitioners. Being proactive and billing the services properly aids in maximizing revenue. As the reimbursement gets back on track, medical practitioners can easily continue their services for a long period.

Some tips to consider in order to improve hospitalist medical billing are as follows:

a) Know The Rules Clearly 

To be able to improve the hospital billing is by letting really clear and detail-oriented with the patients. When patients come to the hospital for treatment, there is a need to let them know acutely how they will be paying their debts. Inform them about the responsibility of payment that falls on their shoulders. Extensive paperwork for the new patients would make things streamlined.

It’s necessary that your patients know about their obligations. This is especially necessary for the hospitalist to inform the patient what the change in billing is owing to the modifications in the state rules if there are any!

The major cause of delinquency given by the patients is ignorance. Extensive paperwork and consistent reminders can help the patients be well aware of their obligation, which would in turn, make sure there are no delinquencies on their part and the reimbursements happen quickly.

b) Constantly Update Contact Information And Address

Make sure you have your patients’ updated contact information at all times. Whenever your patients change their address or phone number, you need to be aware of it. If this doesn’t happen, the hospitalists may keep calling the old number, which would also lead to the wastage of time without really giving any output.

Patients’ addresses, birth dates, work information, and multiple phone numbers are mandatory to have in the data to avoid data claims delays and rejections.

c) Train Staff To Talk About Co-Pay

hospitalist billing

The biggest problem that comes the way when getting the obligations of the patients fulfilled is the lack of communication. As a matter of fact, most hospital staff members cannot communicate with the patients in detail regarding their obligations, which leads to future confusion.

This is why hospitalists need to train their team of staff to be able to talk to the patients on this issue extensively and be able to answer all kinds of questions related to it.

d) Be Well-Aware Of The State Rules

Different states in the United States of America may have different rules when it comes to medical practice and billing. The practitioners cant implement one state’s rules while working in another one. This is why it’s necessary for them to be well aware of the medical rules implemented in a particular place. It would ensure that the rejections of billings are minimal and reimbursements occur on time.

e) Proper Documentation Is Necessary

There is a need for proper documentation and following rules while managing the paperwork. As a matter of fact, the major issue that occurs is the diagnosis. When it’s not included in the documentation clearly, it leads to the rejection of claims. Once the diagnosis is included on the papers, the coders can only assign proper codes and continue with error-less billing.

Using the right code could be tough; if this is not done correctly, there may be major rejections. This is why most hospitalists opt for medical billing outsourcing to avoid late payments.

f) Billing Only The Services Offered

There are times when multiple practitioners treat the patient’s medical condition. With many experts involved in the treatment, the billing documentation should clearly specify which practitioner performed and offered which service. Hence, it clears out the role performed by each healthcare provider. Though this would extend the documentation process, it would make things evident.

It also should be mentioned here that the hospitalists need to bill the diagnosis code that is a part of the specific treatment rather than documenting what the specialist treated!

Final Thoughts

Hospitalists billing is complicated, and the claims get rejected if the process is done callously. This is why it’s necessary to follow the above-mentioned tips that will aid in managing the bills perfectly, leading to the lowest possible chances of rejections or delays of reimbursement.

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