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Medical Billing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why I Should Outsource Medical Billing?
Doctors are really hurting from getting pay late; Zee medical billing company makes things easier for doctors office. Outsourcing your medical billing to ZMB will save your time and money and you will also get quality services. We eliminate administrative duties for your providers and office staff so that more time is available for patient care and clinical practice. Outsourcing your medical billing to ZMB will reduce billing errors compared to in house billing which will increase your cash follow. Billing service cost less than staff because our sole focus is on billing.
How ZEE Medical Billing is different from other companies?
We are detail-oriented, which is essential for proper billing practices. We call insurance companies on a continual basis to see where your money is! We constantly strive to meet the high-performance goals we have set for ourselves. We are flexible and we adopt a process as per our clients need. We charge a percentage of revenue which allows a client to pay based on what you earn compared to fix salary to in house billing staff.
Can you work on my billing software?
ZMB team is capable of working on any medical billing software you are currently using or you want to use.
How do I send my patient data to ZEE Medical Billing?
ZEE Medical Billing receives patient data over HIPPA compliant secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) channel. We’ll set up and guide you further during the onboarding process.
Will ZMB educate my staff to ensure I get paid properly?
ZMB will guide your staff about the information we require for submission of claims and how to get information from the patients of your practice.
Do you handle patient billing inquiries?
Yes, ZMB handles patient billing inquiries.
What are your hours of operation?
We work from Monday-Friday from 7:00am-6:00pm CST.
Do you send out patient statements?
Yes, ZMB e-mail patient statements each month and also send paper statements on an additional cost as per provider request.
What kind of insurance follow–up do you do?
ZMB do all type of insurance follow-up on new as well as old ageing of Medicare, Medicaid, Optum (United Healthcare), Aetna, Cigna, Humana Tricare and any other payer.
How soon can you take my medical practice on as a client?
We will start your billing as soon as we sign the contract and your staff provide us require information to start billing.
What do you need from us to get started?

ZMB require your basic practice information including but not limited to practice name, address (street address, city, state & zip code), group NPI, group Tax, primary and secondary specialties, individual providers information, the credential status of practice and its providers with different payers, billing address, billing and EHR software login and insurance website logins etc.

What if patients don’t pay?
ZMB e-mail statements to patients every month along with reminder calls/text, If the patient does not pay it after three reminders we will inform it to the practice manager and it is up to practice if they waive it or send to a collection agency.
How much will your medical billing management services cost me?
ZMB will negotiate the cost of services we provide.
How can you save me money?
ZMB will save your money by eliminating your administrative duties, faster claims turnaround and reducing rejections at affordable price.
Are you HIPAA-compliant?
Yes, ZMB is a HIPAA compliant medical billing company and we will sign a business associate agreement with you.
What outsources medical service management services do you offer?
ZMB provide all type of medical billing services which includes but not limited, patient scheduling, provider credentialing, eligibility verification, claims preparation and submission, denial management, follow-up for unpaid claims and revenue cycle management.
Do you have experience in my specialty?

ZMB team is a quick learner and worked on inpatient, outpatient and laboratory medical billing services with different specialties likewise “Internal Medicine/Family Practice, Radiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Urology, Rheumatology, Physical Therapy, Neurology, Pain Management, Psychiatry, Psychology, Gastroenterology, Dentist, ENT, Adult Med., Mental & Behavioral Health etc. and we do not have any issue work on any specialty.

Will I have a dedicated team working on my account?
Yes, we will appoint a dedicate team for your practice.
Can I contact the dedicated manager?
Yes, ZMB will provide practice direct access to dedicated team manager.
What is your payment posting process?
ZMB post payments based on payment proof in the shape of EOB/ERA. We process EOB/ERA payments within 48 working hours.
How often can we have meetings?
ZMB will do a monthly meeting with the client and we are also available to do any special meeting as per client’s demand.
How do you manage AR collection?
ZMB will do a monthly follow-up on outstanding claims to track and manage AR of a practice.
Do you have experience calling Medicare and Medicaid?
Medicare and Medicaid are not called friendly and tough to be contacted. But ZMB has professional billers those have experience of working with Medicare and Medicaid representatives.
What is your approach to dealing with rejected or unpaid medical claims?
ZMB team track rejected claims from billing software, EOBs and ERAs and extracting account receivable reports, fix those issues by correcting claims, calling insurance companies to reprocess incorrect rejections or denials and file appeals where it requires.
Do you use an eligibility check before submitting a claim?
ZMB team always verify eligibility before submitting a claim to insurance.
What is your claims first pass?
We have 99% first-pass ratio for clean claims.
Does ZMB provide credentialing services?
Yes, ZMB provider faster-credentialing services on an additional cost.