How to Setup an Accupuncture Insurance Billing?

How to Setup an Acupuncture Insurance Billing?

Medical billing is a necessary process for both medical and holistic practices to be reimbursed for services. Acupuncture Insurance billing practices are different from traditional medical billing and have a different set of requirements. Some doctors claim that acupuncture billing is the most challenging type of specialty medical billing due to its continually changing codes and considerable differentiation from treatment in one clinic to the next.

Insurance billing is a great way to grow your potential patient base in your acupuncture practice. By accepting insurance, you can provide a constant stream of referrals and expand the patient base you’re able to treat.

Acupuncture billing can become costly in terms of time, manpower, and mistakes that are made and can lead to appeals and re-filing. On the other hand, if you outsource your Acupuncture Insurance Billing to a team like Zee Medical Billing, you get experience and precision for less than the money you would otherwise lose. Hence, you increase your overall revenue.

Zee medical billing is here to guide you about how to set up acupuncture insurance billing.

Steps to Setup an Acupuncture Insurance Billing

Step 1  Enrollment

Health insurance billing for acupuncture practices is different from billing for traditional medical practices. Handling all of your practice’s insurance enrollments, billing, and coding in addition to managing SOAP documentation can be massive, but outsourcing your acupuncture insurance billing to a reputable billing service provider can save you time and streamline your revenue cycle management. Zee medical billing services had an experienced team that will get your practice enrolled in our billing portal and guide you through each step of the health insurance billing process, answering your questions about acupuncture CPT codes and doing the work for you. You can start seeing patients covered by insurance quickly and painlessly with our assistance, regardless of what type of acupuncture services you offer.

One mistake new providers make is enrolling in too many panels right from the beginning. We suggest starting out on the panel of only one or two insurance companies so you can have an idea of how much time and work you will need to commit to billing.

Step 2  See Patients

After successfully enrolling for health insurance billing, you’re ready to get started generating revenue for your acupuncture services. All you have to do is to send us the details of the treatment you’ve provided like current diagnosis, planned treatment services, and medical information about your patient to determine medical necessity. After that our acupuncture billing experts take care of the rest. We at zee medical billing optimize each claim to ensure you receive the maximum insurance reimbursement you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. Our trained and certified billers specializing in acupuncture will troubleshoot and advocate on your behalf with insurance companies on any billing queries or problems related to your acupuncture services claim.

Step 3  Get Paid

Many people are reluctant to seek treatment from acupuncture practices that don’t accept health insurance. By allowing Zee Medical Billing Services to handle your acupuncture insurance billing, you can grow your practice and shrink your paperwork. Our billing experts will submit your claim to the insurance companies on your behalf. As soon as your insurance reimbursement payment is issued, we let you know.

In case of receiving claim denial, we follow the appeal process on your behalf. So, streamline your health insurance billing and put your acupuncture practice on the path to healthier revenue cycle management. It can seem daunting to get started with insurance billing for acupuncture, but it can be a great way to grow your practice.

Zee Medical Billing Services is unique in the field of Acupuncture billing. We are more than a claims processing center because we offer multiple benefits and billing services. We offer a complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our first priority.

To let ZEE medical billing helps you to Setup an Acupuncture Insurance Billing tasks and persistently follow up with paid and unpaid claims___

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