AdvancedMD Billing Services for Specialty

AdvancedMD Billing Services for Specialty

Are you tired of entering billing information into your AdvancedMD EHR? Is your reimbursement decreasing? Do you want to cut your collection costs? Do you want to dedicate more time to patient care? If so, Zee Medical Billing employs AdvancedMD Billing Services for Specialty to address the majority of issues that hinder healthcare practices. Our expertise in the workflow will assist you in receiving payment quickly and without encountering denial.

Zee Medical Billing employs professionals who have developed their billing skills with AdvancedMD. We can collaborate with a variety of EHR systems to serve dermatologists, family practice physicians, and other practices. Outsource AdvancedMD Billing Services for Specialty, and we will bring billing expertise to optimize your revenue stream by collecting payments on time.

Most healthcare organizations must choose between providing high-quality patient care and making a profit. It’s a risky situation. You are no longer required to make a decision. Start focusing on patient care. To provide medical billing services, Zee Medical Billing has partnered with AdvancedMD. We believe that combining our expert billing services with AdvancedMD creates a better solution that allows you to collect more.

Zee Medical Billing Services uses AdvancedMD medical billing and EMR to provide comprehensive revenue cycle management to healthcare providers. We ensure that your practice gets the most out of AdvancedMD Billing Services. Our medical billing professionals combine professional billing services with AdvancedMD billing services to significantly increase claims payments for your practice.

Allow Zee Medical Billing to handle your medical billing outsourcing requirements.

Our billing service helps in the increase of collections, the reduction of claim denials, and the maintenance of healthier accounts receivable. Our staff can utilize the features of AdvancedMD, including medical-practice-specific features as well as administrative and billing-related components, due to our deep expertise.

Advantages of AdvancedMD Billing Services for Specialty

  • Team Approach

Our staff integrates with yours forming a single team working toward a common goal

  • Reduced Cost

Economies of scale allow us to perform the same tasks with highly trained professionals at a lower cost.

  • Greater Control

Gain some breathing room and control of the finances with detailed monthly reporting

  • Improve Collections

Submit claims correctly the first time and ensure accurate reimbursement for services

  • Decrease Revenue Cycle Time

Achieve the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest amount of time

AdvancedMD Medical Billing services for Independent Practices

We are well-versed in AdvancedMD Billing Services for Specialty, which can assist independent practices in overcoming challenges associated with maintaining efficient and effective revenue cycle management.

The schedule feature in AdvancedMD allows practices to verify patient information before they come for appointments, reducing the workload on office staff. This feature, in addition to hiring professional billing and medical coding experts, will improve your practice’s efficiency while increasing claim payments.

It is easy for billing tasks to fall behind or to be insufficiently completed when the workload is high. Outsourcing medical billing reduces labor costs and eliminates the need to allocate resources to in-house billing staff, thereby streamlining the in-office experience for patients as well as administrative tasks for office staff.

AdvancedMD is one of the most widely known EHR systems in medical practices. Combining the AdvancedMD system with Zee medical billing expertise, physician practices can significantly increase their payments and significantly improve efficiency. 

Clinical efficiency can be increased through smart scheduling

Keep a full schedule so that your practice can accommodate more patients. AdvancedMD’s powerful scheduling tools enable you to manage no-shows, cancellations, waitlists, and overbooking in advance, allowing you to maximize clinical efficiency. Make recurring appointments and reminders to help keep your patients and practice on track.

Centralized, efficient claims management & billing

AdvancedMD, one of the world’s leading Billing Services for Specialty, provides you with all of the tools you need to manage your claims process in one location and to ensure that your claims management and patient billing processes run smoothly every time.

Let Zee Medical Billing Help You Maximize Payments Using AdvancedMD Billing

We are healthcare revenue cycle management experts devoted to maximizing returns for your practice in a transparent and HIPAA-compliant manner.

By hiring a professional medical billing firm, you no longer need to account for operational costs associated with in-house billing tasks, such as hiring additional staff members, paying employee taxes in addition to benefits, and utilizing extra office space.

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