5 Chronic Care Management Software Companies to Help Your Practice

5 Chronic Care Management Software Companies to Help Your Practice

Chronic care management relatively young aspect of healthcare is proving to be good for patients and healthcare providers. With the expectation of high-quality, covered services within the primary care model, CCM allows providing patients with close disease monitoring coupled with the more aggressive and frequent follow-up care required to prevent acute exacerbations, emergency room visits, and hospital admissions.

Choosing the best chronic care management software company will help make the delivery of CCM even easier and more profitable. Moreover, a good chronic care management software program can also support other care management services, such as BHI and RPM.

Chronic care management Software Can Help Increase Practice’s Revenue

As we know, Medicare’s Chronic Care Management Program helps medical practices with patients that have chronic illnesses get paid for services like phone calls, coordinating with other providers, and checking on medications. These services have always been done by providers, but they were never allowed to bill for them.

Well, now healthcare providers can get paid for CCM using CPT code 99490. But practices have to meet the CCM billing requirements of the code before they can bill, which are very particular.

Regardless of whether you are using a paper chart or have electronic health records, practices find it challenging to track all the time spent managing the patient, which is a key requirement. Even if you are using an EHR, they are just not very good in this area. New CCM software companies have come to the rescue to help practices document all that is required to bill 99490 properly, and they can offer much more than your EHR or paper system can provide.

Here is a list of 5 Chronic Care Management Software companies that can help you with your practice’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program. Consider this a starting point as you try to find the right company for your needs.


ChronicCareIQ ChronicCareIQ

Specifically designed to manage chronic care patients, ChronicCareIQ integrates into your existing practice software to automate time tracking of non-face-to-face patient care. A central dashboard featuring patient-reported health information and alerts allows providers to more effectively treat pressing patient issues remotely while keeping track of billable time.


Signallamp HealthSignallamp Health

Software created by Signallamp works with your practice’s existing EHR system to develop an IT framework to work as an extension of your practice. The program helps identify eligible CCM patients and provides them with educational materials on the management of their chronic conditions. A nurse is assigned to your practice and acts as a go-between for both the practice and the patient to ensure successful adherence to CMS communication guidelines for reimbursement.



ThoroughCare provides tools to help your practice manage CCM patients in-house, including a web-based technology platform that’s HIPAA compliant. The program walks providers through the creation of a patient-centered care plan, making it possible to track time spent with the patient, review patient labs, or make changes to the care plan. Providers can also access a detailed time log for each patient in case of an audit. Billing reports can be created that include all patients for whom monthly claims can be submitted.


Vatica HealthVatica Health

Combining technology with 24/7 nursing support, Vatica Health makes it easy for patients to access care online and by phone through constant access to clinical health assistants. They also work with your practice to develop a comprehensive care plan for your CCM patients that can be shared with all providers involved in care. For providers, Vatica Health provides monthly reports and all documentation required by CMS for reimbursement through the program. For more complicated patients, Vatica Health can also integrate wearable medical devices and health trackers for remote monitoring of your patient’s condition.



The technology created by CareMerge integrates with your practice’s existing EHR to merge communication and care coordination among providers and CCM patients. Their product helps providers create and manage the Medicare-required care plan, keep track of time and required communication with patients, and run automated, comprehensive reports detailing your practice’s efforts toward Medicare CCM compliance.


Chronic care management is proving to be an effective solution for keeping patients healthier for longer while ensuring consistent and strong revenue for practices. Both of these significant benefits will be enhanced by making the right choice of CCM software after completing your investigation into the leading chronic care management companies. With the right Chronic care management software, you will find it even easier for your healthcare team to provide these extraordinary valuable services to your patients.

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