Sports Medicine Medical Billing Services

Sports Medicine Medical Billing Services

Components & Challenges in Sports Medicine Billing

Sports medicine faces the same indifference from insurance authorities in the US as sports in general do: they are important but not indispensable. This indifference has denied sports medicine the distinction of a specialty across the US.

Sports physicians aren’t educationally distinct from family physicians substantially, and a family physician can become a sports physician by applying for a dual credential with insurance authorities. However, when family physicians apply for the dual credential, they are denied on the basis that family medical practice and sports medicine practice are different disciplines and one can’t become the other or both.

To address these two challenges, now sports medicine is mostly practiced via managed care services to facilitate association with local insurance bodies to help reimbursement of claims. But, managed care service involves allocating a physician to each care recipient, making it mandatory, for successful reimbursement, to establish that treatment was carried out upon the referral of the assigned physician. It also necessitates detailed and accurate documentation of all medical and nonmedical details required and familiarity of care providers with the resulting complications of managed care services.

Sports Medicine Medical Billing Services


In addition to the above hurdles, sports medicine reimbursement is also subject to all the insurance regulations that apply to other specialties. This causes care providers involved in sports medicine left to negotiate with mounting ARs and losses. Care providers are not able to handle this effectively and productively as it requires handling complicated medical and regulatory details, filing claims, and following them up for timely reimbursements – things outside their area of competency and can be best dealt with if left to experienced billing and coding houses.

Outsourcing Sports Medicine Billing to ZMB

Zee Medical Billing Company is the largest billing and coding consortium in the US. It has many years of experience in providing Sports Medicine Medical Billing Services. Our services are extensive enough to give you the peace of mind you need to make time for your patients.

We helped care providers involved in sports medicine by:

  • Reduce their mounting account receivables through accurate handling of details
  • Submission and rigorous follow-ups with insurance officials
  • Ensuring timely reimbursements

At Zee Medical Billing services, our certified staff understands the correct procedures and processes required to receive maximum reimbursement. Our billing and coding professionals are not just familiar with the complications of regulatory and medical details but also have sound knowledge of state-specific anomalies.

Our flexible Sports Medine medical billing and coding service models ensure that they can be adopted by any care provider regardless of size, scale, and nature of operations.

Benefits Sports Medicine Billing to ZMB

At Zee Medical Billing we offer:

  • Improved collections and income
  • Reduced stress and accelerated payments
  • 24/7 accessibility to financial information and your patient data
  • Full financial and practice management reporting
  • Transparent revenue cycle

Our Revenue Management Consulting (RCM) service model can shear your in-house operations stripping outdated, laborious, and time-consuming procedures and software applications. We guide you in replacing them with methods that will help you handle the entire billing and coding process with simplicity and ensure compliance.

However, if you are an independent sports physician and think a setup will only restrict your mobility and access and bring down the fluidity of your operations or you just don’t need in-house billers and coders, our outsourced billing and coding services will work well for you. You will be able to completely pull out billing and coding responsibilities to us and entirely focus on your practice as we help you to keep up the inflow of your revenues.

We offer a complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs. With a vast network spanning across the US, we have helped countless care providers to enhance their profitability through accurate preparation, submission, and timely reimbursement of claims.

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