Medical Billing Service for TheraNest

Medical Billing Service for TheraNest

The financial substantiality of practice depends directly on timely billing and revenue generation. Outsourcing billing service to a credible and experienced billing firm is the most important step regarding practice’s commercial aspect. ZEE Medical Billing understands the complex needs of today’s medical practitioners. Physicians over many states trust us to manage their billing services. We identify the holes in the front‐end medical billing service procedures to help stop revenue drains and gradually increase your average collections. Throughout the billing process, we make sure that you’ve paid for the services you provide.

If you are considering TheraNest, a billing tool for your practice? Or billing is a headache for you, let ZEE Medical Billing be the cure! Get paid faster and reclaim your time with Billing from TheraNest.

Why Choose TheraNest for Billing?

ZEE Medical Billing helps you thrive with TheraNest’s distinct features, so you can help your patients. We offer flexible billing services specifically for mental health providers for financial growth and ease the administrative load so you spend more time focusing on your services.

TheraNest is a therapy practice management software with a dedicated client portal. It is designed specifically for psychologists, social workers, and counselors.

TheraNest Billing Service helps practitioners in:

  • Claim Submission
  • Figuring out Claim Rejection and Denial Follow-Up
  • Reducing errors, so your claims stand the greatest chance of approval and payment.
  • Payment Posting to your client accounts and Reconciliation.
Why Choose ZEE Medical Billing for TheraNest Billing?

The process of medical billing is the process of communication between the medical provider and the payer. When you choose ZEE Medical Billing Service for TheraNest, you choose a team that holds experience in medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services.

We firmly believe in updating ourselves. We have certified multi-specialty expertise in diverse services. Our clients have been with us for a long time and recommend us to their comrades to handle billing. We have the experience as well as the expertise to help you manage all your billing-related tasks in a highly professional manner.


By Outsourcing your Medical Billing Service for TheraNest,  ZEE Medical Billing will help in improving the cash flow and increasing collections. We give you ample time to focus on quality patient care by keeping you on top of HIPAA compliance.

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