Hospitalist Medical Billing Services to Increase Revenue 15%

Hospitalist Medical Billing Services

Our outclass hospitalist medical billing services can increase your collections by 15% and decrease the A/R time by 19 days on average. Hospitalists are well trained for patients care and write clinical notes. However, they are often not expert in medical billing documentation required for proper claim and reimbursement. We offer the knowledge, expertise and tools to resolve the hospitalist billing coding complexities enabling you to more accurately receive you legitimate reimbursements, and increase your revenue legally, as a hospitalist practitioner.

Hospitalist salary, benefits, and job opportunities vary state to state. North Dakota is the best paying state in the United States for Hospitalist career professionals with an average salary of $258,704, where Hospitalists in Williston earning the most. Montana and Wyoming are the second and third top paying states for the Hospitalists  according to the most recent survey data.

Hospitalist practices don’t have office hours and likely work in different shifts because the hospital is their office. As this field differs from other medical specialties and is generally more complex. In Hospitalist billing, it is challenging to avoid costly billing and coding mistakes. It is important to work with the right hospitalist billing service or expert that is competent in this specialty, understanding its challenges, ins and outs with understands proper billing practices.

Hospitalist Billing Challenges

Any specialist hospitalist billing service must be able to effectively appeal denials, such as incorrect discharge codes, visit levels, or place of service as inpatient and observation services are high on the list of services audited by insurance carriers. These medical billing aspects are crucial to any hospital revenue cycle management:

  • Not properly billing procedures can result in persistent billing errors. Hospitalist billing claim should cover various organ system testing, complex multiple diagnoses and echocardiograms with proper documentation.
  • Along with procedures performed in a hospital, special conditions receiving inpatient service for long periods, being transferred to different wards or from another hospital, receiving other forms of care can result in under-billing and lost of legitimate revenue for not properly documenting.
  • The Level-2 and Level-3 hospitalization is based on complexity of patient history coding, affecting documentation and consequent payments. Ignoring this subtle distinction can result in revenue lose.

E&M (evaluation and management) coding is important for Physicians reimbursements. Likewise Physician documentation is important for The hospital’s revenue. Medicare pay Hospitals on a capitated basis as per Acute Inpatient Prospective Payment System. The claim paid is determined by the base rate of the hospital multiplied by the relative weight (RW) of the Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Group (MS-DRG). The the wage index of the hospital location also play a role.

Hospitals that serve a high proportion of low income patients receive a Disproportionate Share Hospital adjustment. In hospitalist billing service you can not change the base rate but can change relative weight by documenting the primary diagnosis and complications or comorbidities (CCs) or major complications or comorbidities (MCCs) properly. The hospital medical claims with more CCs and MCCs documented, reflecting clear severity of illness and resources invested in care, are paid higher.

Outsourcing your billing services to the suitable hospitalist billing company and billing staff can make a difference in your hospitalist’s revenue cycle and allow your team to concentrate their efforts on providing the best possible service and care for your patients.  Zee Medical Billing can help your hospitalist practice accounts receivable (AR) and denial management accurately and efficiently.

The Importance of Hospitalist Medical Billing Expertise

While outsourcing your billing to a medical billing company that doesn’t specialize in hospitalist billing, you’ll find that they lack the familiarity with hospitalist procedures required to handle your practice’s medical billing efficiently and effectively. Without this specialization, they don’t have the expertise and services needed to effectively respond to insurance companies’ questions, appeal denied claims, and manage tricky patient billing issues.

Patient billing is more complicated for hospitalists than for other medical practices. Hospitalist patients often have higher balances, don’t always understand the invoices they receive from hospitalists, and may have more complex explanations from their payers. Billing companies with expertise in hospitalist billing know how to help patients with these issues, as they’ve worked with them to provide information and billing services on the issues many times before.

Zee Medical Billing Services is a full-service management billing company dedicated to providing cost-effective and streamlined medical billing processes for hospitalist clients to ensure you get the payment you deserve swiftly. ZMB also understands and has the skills to successfully track and pursue underpayments, which is essential to any hospitalist practice. Hospitalists may risk a decrease in their collections and ultimately, revenue without billing experts to track underpayments.

We place a strong emphasis on the security, integrity, and protection of patient information for your hospitalist medical billing services and provide you with the up to date reimbursement strategies and information to ensure you get reimbursed fast.

Zee Medical Billing Hospitalist Billing Services for Your Practice

The key to growing Revenue Cycle Management is understanding all your practice’s revenue sources. Hence, our team will help improve profitability by monitoring, measuring, and managing all aspects of your revenue cycle.

We offer hospitalist billing services for our hospitalist clients that include:

  • HIPPA compliance to ensure PHI integrity
  • Practice management solutions
  • Medical claims billing to insurance companies
  • Patient billing for outstanding balances
  • Credentialing
  • Financial reporting systems to help you track your practice’s productivity and activity
  • Template and document development and implementation
  • Billing guidance and solutions
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Data entry, creation, and maintenance
  • Insurance contracts and negotiations evaluation
  • Data backup

Benefits of Working with Medical Billing Services adapted to Hospitalists

Outsourcing billing to a third-party service can provide you with help along every step of your hospitalist group’s revenue cycle, including:

  • Insurance credentialing and enrollment
  • Patient statements
  • Charge entry
  • Submitting claims
  • Patient questions
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Posting payment
  • Accounts receivable
  • Claims appeals
  • Patient collections

Reduce Medical Claim Denials

According to our experience, working with physicians and healthcare organizations, we understand that the revenue cycle success starts at the patient registration and continues throughout the claims cycle. The precision of patient demographics and authentic financial information results in reduced denials, fewer rejected claims, and fewer returned statements. Claim cleanliness is the critical part that stops the denial from the beginning. The parameters that impact are as follows:

  • Eligibility and benefits coverage
  • Clinical documentation quality
  • Patient registration data quality
  • Prior-authorizations
  • Non-covered services and medical necessity management
  • Coding
  • Claim editing
  • Payor rules & mandates

If you’re a hospitalist group that wants to outsource your billing and coding practices, taking advantage of a specialist hospitalist medical billing services, we can help provide solutions for every stage of your group’s revenue cycle. Zee Medical Billing Services has a staff that is efficient, knowledgeable, responsive, and always available to answer complicated billing questions.

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