Home Health Billing Services

Home Health Billing Services

In-house billing can be a major strain on time, staff, and resources. Without the right billing service, billing can become a costly and time-consuming headache for practitioners. Zee Medical Billing expert professional staff in Home Health and Medicare billing addresses questions and assists you.

We at Zee Medical Billing eliminate the Potential errors lost revenue and the risk of rejected claims. We offer flexible billing solutions to custom-fit your agency’s needs. Each billing and collections proposal is created following an inquiry of your current billing and collections needs. Zee Medical Billing has worked hard to ensure that our solution provides your agency with the most reliable billing and collections option available.

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Home Health Billing Capability Benefits

  • Easy claim approval
  • Ensure consistent revenue
  • Reduce the risks of lost revenue and claims rejection
  • System designed to easily handle corrections, notifications, and information
  • Easily track and follow claims through the payment process

Home care billing and collections package includes:

  • Accelerate Payments with Electronic Billing Where Possible
  • Manage Claim Denials with a Quick Turnaround
  • Monitor Daily Medicare T-Status & ADR
  • Set-Up & Maintain Payer Accounts Using Your Software
  • Annual Clinical Chart Reviews

Our skilled team has extensive knowledge and experience billing and collecting for a variety of payers.

  • Medicare PPS, Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Commercial & Private Insurance Payers
  • Veteran Administration Plans
  • State Medicaid Programs
  • Other Episodic Payers

Stay on Top of Medicare Regulations

When it comes to managing Medicare claims, ensuring compliance with billing and clinical regulations is critical. Zee Medical Billing has incorporated the following processes into our billing and collection agreements:

  • Billing compliance audits performed on all Medicare final claims
  • ICD-10 codes reviewed for medical necessity support
  • Annual on-site clinical compliance audit performed with no additional cost
  • Access to clinical and compliance experts when questions arise

Best Financial Practices for Home Health Billing Services

Accurate reporting related to billing and collections is a powerful tool to ensure an agency’s long-term financial health. We provide several reports related to billing and collections. Zee Medical Billing takes a dynamic approach to be on top of billing & collections.

Our valued customers enjoy the benefits of personalized educational resources and training.

  • Medicare Billing Reports Reflecting All Billed & Unbilled Claims
  • Monthly “Overdue Claims” Reports Show the Status of Overdue Claims
  • Billing Reports for Payers Other than Medicare

Upon request, we prepare a monthly accounts receivable reconciliation report that summarizes and reconciles your Home Health Billing Services revenue cycle activity, accounts receivable, and cash collection stats and trends.

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