Wound Care Medical Billing Services

Wound Care Medical Billing Services

Wound care has gained a new significance as a healthcare discipline. Due to a growing aging population in the US, a considerable portion suffers from complaints that reveal them to the risk of wounds that require prolonged wound care treatment.

The challenge it presents to physicians, hospitals, and also to patients is that all types of wound care are not covered by insurance. And ones that are covered needed a series of managerial activities, like proper documentation with accurate detailing of medical details of the treatment episode to set up insurance eligibility. It also involves supporting and furnishing details to prove that the treatment was administered upon the advice of a physician and carried out in the physician’s presence when needed.

But even before starting this burdensome procedure to prepare and submit claims, care providers have to determine whether the wound treatment they are claiming reimbursement for is covered by the insurance coverage policy framed by Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), which requires familiarity not just with medical prerequisites but also with insurance coverage.

Outsourcing Wound Care Medical Billing to ZMB

Zee Medical Billing team of medical billers and coders are experienced in handling the entire cycle of activities ranging from determining insurance eligibility to submitting claims and performing routine follow-ups. However, wound care is a treatment that’s administered by care providers of all sizes and also independent physicians, choosing a billing and coding service model which is flexible enough to fit any size and need becomes a challenge for care providers.

ZMB offers two types of service models:

  • One an outsourced billing and coding

The outsourced billing and coding services model enables care providers to completely ship out their billing and coding responsibilities to MBC and spend the time earlier spent on administrative activities on medical care.

  • Another is the revenue management consulting model

Our revenue management consulting services, on the other hand, help well-organized in-house revenue management by stripping out outdated processes and recognizing areas for staff training and revenue leakage to help plug them.

 In all the states of the US, both the models have helped big and small care providers involved in wound care to overcome the challenge presented by administrative activities to claim insurance improve their revenues, and optimize their in-house resources. Either by streamlining processes and training them such that the staff has an in-depth knowledge of activities they have to perform. Details handle to prepare and claim insurance accurately minimizing chances of claim rejections. And by thoroughly sparing themselves the responsibilities to handle insurance administrative activities themselves.

We offer flexible billing solutions to custom-fit your agency’s needs. Zee Medical Billing Services has years of experience with billing services and can help you increase your revenue while providing you the necessary peace of mind. Zee Medical Billing Company is the first choice of every practitioner in terms of profitability. We are working on a ground rule to minimize costs and maximize doctor’s and physicians’ funds through clean and easy-to-understand billing practices.

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