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The financial strength of urology practice is directly related to timely billing and reimbursement. Hiring a quality billing service is one of the most important decisions regarding the business aspect of your practice. It is crucial that your urology billing company have the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by urology billing. Why not allow Zee Medical to give you the financial peace of mind you deserve?

At Zee Medical Billing services, our certified staff understand the correct procedures and processes required to receive maximum reimbursement. For procedures that are complex to code and bill for, we communicate with providers and office staff to ensure that billing errors and common coding mistakes are avoided. This makes it possible for us to submit claims correctly the first time for fast, on-time reimbursement.

What Zee Medical Billing Do

Zee Medical Billing Services provides comprehensive billing, collections, and practice management services for urology providers. We provide initial evaluation of your practice and accounts receivable. Some of the things our expert billing professionals do include:

  • full account receivables management
  • 12-hour claims processing
  • Conducting frequent coding updates
  • Handling all billing calls
  • Regular quality assurance checks
  • Holding weekly meetings to discuss progress
  • Providing customizable monthly reports

Why to Work With Zee Medical Billing?

Our certified coders have experience of working with urology practices and are equipped with the knowledge to handle coding and billing-related processes to ensure that you receive payments and reimbursements on time. Our vast knowledge in the urology field has allowed our billers and coders to meet the demands of a wide variety of urology providers, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and multi-specialty groups.

Our urology billing service is fully compliant with HIPAA standards and regulations. This means that your patients’ protected health information will never be compromised.

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At Zee Medical Billing Services we offer:

  • Improved collections and income
  • Reduced stress and accelerated payments
  • Full financial and practice management reporting
  • 24/7 accessibility to financial information and your patient data
  • Transparent revenue cycle

Zee Medical Billing Expertise

Our billing and coding employees are well-trained and keep up to date on the latest changes in urology codes and payer requirements. This ensures that the claims we submit are accurate and do not delay payment.

Our billers and coders understand:

  • Complex urology billing codes and rules
  • urology-related terminology
  • Coding for surgical procedures
  • Office notes and operative notes
  • Code variations related to multiple procedure rules

Common Coding Scenarios

Coding for catheterizations can be confusing due to the fact that how you bill a catheterization depends on the clinical scenario. Therefore, before assigning codes, we verify the exact procedure that was performed in order to prevent the claim from getting denied.

Receivables Management

  • Coding
  • Billing
  • Payer relations
  • Patient relations
  • Collections
  • Client reporting
  • Fee analysis
  • Managed-care contracts

Your Urology Billing Company

A urology billing company should increase your reimbursements and let you focus on your practice. Whether you own a private practice or work in a hospital or multi-provider facility, a urology billing service can make your practice more profitable. Zee Medical Billing Services is more than a claims processing center, because we offer multiple benefits and billing services. Our clients reduce their office expenses by using our services

Zee Medical Billing Services is unique in the field of urology billing. We offer a complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs.

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