Radiology Medical Billing Services

Radiology Medical Billing Services

To ensure the maximum reimbursements and sustain profits is more important than ever before. Reducing reimbursement rates, increasing infrastructure costs, and shifts in payer mix create challenges for radiology practices. So, ZEE medical billing brings you the best Billing Services for Radiology Practices.

The distinct aspects of billing for radiology services can be challenging for radiologists. It is a service that uses imaging techniques for both the diagnosis and treatment of a disease. Radiology has multiple degrees due to its constantly evolving treatment method & advanced technology. Frequently there are new additions to the CPT codes used for billing radiology services practice, which demands persistent attention.

Unlike other medical specialties, Radiology consists of two billing components:

  • The professional component
  • The technical component

When the radiologist interprets the diagnostic results, they must bill the service under the professional part. When a radiologist uses a radiology apparatus, dyes & machines, they must bill it under technical elements.

ZEE Medical Billing team consists of certified, trained billers who understand the complexity of Radiology billing. Our team foresees the impact on the revenue of a radiology practice caused by neglecting to differentiate between radiology’s professional & technical components while billing.

ZEE Medical Billing Expertise in Radiology Billing Services

ZEE Medical Billing owns a team of talented and trained radiology billers who work effectively to reduce denials and increase your practice’s revenue. Our client base extends over multiple states covering a wide range of hospitals, physician practices, and imaging centers.

ZEE Medical Billing team understands Radiology billing’s unique requirements and strives to build a denial-free claim submission process for your practice. We are aware that Radiology is inseparable from the use of advanced equipment. We also focus on improving collections through clear & accurate claim submission processes.

Our expertise in Radiology Billing includes:

  • Diagnostic Radiology

    • X-ray

    • Fluoroscopy

    • Ultrasound

    • Computed tomography (CT)

    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

    • Mammography

    • Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)

    • Positron emission tomography (PET)

  • Therapeutic Radiology

  • Nuclear Medicine

How does ZMB maximize reimbursements from radiology claims?

  • We improve collections by identifying the denials to root causes and working with the practices to eliminate the root causes. Our sequential processes enable the practices to take best in clinical documentation and claims submission to shift the focus to denial prevention.

  • We compare payments received against contracted rates and follow all cases of underpayments speedily and resolve working with third-party payers.

  • We create on-demand reports, supporting better decision-making, identification, and implementation issues.

  • We support several interventional and diagnostic radiology clients at renowned hospitals and medical centers.

ZEE Medical Billing Value

We bring the experience to manage & develop your revenue cycle that we have gained from working with reputed imaging centers and hospitals. Our team ensures that all processes are HIPAA compliant. We understand that Radiology revolves around patient care and helps physicians focus on precisely that, as we focus on reducing your operational costs significantly. We bring you a team of specialists that are experts in reducing costs and helping you to improve clinical and operational efficiency

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