Neonatal Medical Billing Services

Neonatal Medical Billing Services

Neonatology is a pediatrics discipline that focuses on the medical care of newborn infants, particularly those who are sick or premature. It’s a hospital-based specialty that’s typically performed in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Neonatologists’ primary patients are newborn infants who are sick or require particular medical care. Since neonatal practice involves caring for the most vulnerable sensitive patients, newborn babies, Neonatal Medical Billing Services requires special attention. To supervise, screen, and treat a sick patient, neonatal consideration administrations require a high level of complexity.

Zee Medical Billing is experienced at selecting the best CPT code to ensure the best reimbursement for doctors and payers for ongoing medical clinic care at various fundamental consideration levels, such as low birth weight (LBW) or exceptionally low birth weight (ELBW) (VLBW). Hospital-Based Practices must have electronic access to emergency clinics for retrieving clinical records and face sheet data to bill quickly and efficiently. We work with the emergency clinic to make all of the preparations for the electronic recovery of patient data.

Zee Medical billing,  survey the CPT charge code allotted by the specialist, and cross-reference to the fitting code for the most extreme repayment. To avoid guarantee denials, we also verify that the insurance agency’s case preparation center has been updated with the infant’s qualifications. We employ a proactive protection follow-up framework to gather data on exceptional cases, and we also influence the reporting of inappropriate installment practices to the Insurance for Moderate Payers.

Why Outsource Your Neonatal Medical Billing to ZMB

As a neonatologist, you are responsible for the survival and well-being of the smallest humans, who face the most difficult and complex challenges. The burden of optimizing the hospital’s financial element is reduced by collaborating or outsourcing the handling of your revenue cycle to an offshore company like ZMB.

Babies who are premature, underweight, or suffering from a common condition require round-the-clock care to ensure that they arrive home safely. Families rely on you and your team to think about their children, but dealing with complex Neonatal Medical Billing problems can be inconvenient. Our skilled billers can handle the financial aspects of your profession, allowing you to focus your time and resources on patients and their families.

Zee medical billing ensures accurate and error-free Neonatal Medical Billing for your billing needs and offers a variety of billing and reviewing services to assist practitioners with their expert administrations documentation.

Practice Management Solution for Neonatologists

We recognize that each training and division is unique and needs unique arrangements. Our team collaborates with you to increase repayments and support your specific specialized, programming, and organizational requirements. We are pleased to support a large variety of the most widely used electronic health record and practice frameworks in the marketable center today. Emergency rooms and doctor’s offices rely on these frameworks to provide exceptional patient care and efficiently manage their operations and clinical charging methods.

Zee Medical Billing has the accreditations and mastery of these electronic health records and medical billing frameworks necessary to guide medical clinics and doctor practices across the United States to the highest levels of clinical and financial execution and results.

Full Utilization of Available Sources

We ensure that the assumptions made in dollars and sensitive cost assets to achieve important use are supported by a successful income cycle and that the use of electronic health record programming frameworks has a particularly significant impact on the income cycle work process and, as a result, income cycle repayments.

Zee Medical Billing is not only an expert in revenue cycle management but also in the programming and management of electronic health records. Booking, noting, and responding to all patient calls are all part of our practice management procedures. All calls are recorded and archived for a long period. They are observed by our qualified clinical supervisory staff for review and consistency. All available resources are properly maximized and utilized to ensure that you get paid quickly and completely.

End-to-End Medical Billing Solution for Maximum Reimbursement

Our Neonatal Medical Billing management services provide our practitioners with the highest possible reimbursement while lowering their administrative costs. We properly manage your records and create practice-specific solutions. Our services include:

  • Every day claims to process
  • Electronic and paper claim submission
  • Effective follow up for all the claims
  • Guarantee adjustment or potentially re-accommodation
  • The week after week/month to month modified reports
  • Considerate statements
  • Payment posting/changes
  • Denial and delayed management
  • Managing collections
  • Accepting enquires
  • A/R improvement

Credentialing and Compliance

We ensure that all necessary credentialing work is completed in a timely and professional manner, fully supporting key revenue cycle metrics. Before the patient’s arrangement, we obtain confirmation of eligibility from insurance organizations. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Department of Health and Family Services are both satisfied with our Physician Credentialing Services. Our Neonatal Medical Billing and credentialing administrations ensure that all future meetings are conducted properly to ensure a smooth enrollment process.

Outstanding Revenue Cycle Management

Zee Medical Billing focuses on providing top-notch revenue cycle management to clinics and doctors across the United States. To do so successfully, we are ready to set up customers so that they may fully investigate the complete revenue cycle, electronic health record, and IT difficulties that have emerged. Practitioners rely on us to handle their revenue cycle measures, providing clean cases, account goals, and monetary administration services, to meet the requirements. Optimizing the revenue cycle is always a matter of keeping track of smaller but essential details that, in the end, add up to a measurable increase in production.

Zee Medical billing clients typically see a 20 percent increase in income and a minimum of 15 percent reduction in denials. This is accomplished through the application of our expertise and process efficiency.

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