Multi-Specialty Billing Services

Multi-Specialty Billing Services

Multi-specialty teams grow and expand to meet patient and payer needs for more integrated care to improve patient outcomes. Simultaneously, there is no formula or scheme for this group’s formation and operation, resulting in a wide variety of group sizes and specialty mixes. This diversity of requirements means cross-functional teams need flexibility with significant billing depth for many functions to manage the billing and revenue cycle.

The Zee Medical billing team has addressed these issues for many years and uses powerful technologies specifically designed for a complex multidisciplinary billing environment. Zee Medical billing services can easily handle multiple locations, multiple features, cost centers, payment agreements, and more by using these technical tools.


Benefits of Using Zee Medical Billing Services

At Zee Medical Billing Services, our goal is to provide the maximum return as per your needs at the most competitive prices without sacrificing customer service or patient support. Our charges are lower than the national average, which helps reduce your expenses and increase your income.

Our billing specialists have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Complex multipurpose billing codes and rules
  • Code options related to multiple procedure rules
  • Coding audit
  • Code update quarterly
  • Analysis of fee
  • Terminology related to different specialties
  • Systemic cleaning of claims
  • Effective collection methods
  • Physician certification
  • Managed-care Contracts
  • Modern computer and software solutions

Use Zee Medical Billing To Increase Your Revenue and Reduce Your Expenses

Zee Medical Billing Company has worked with thousands of customers, and we have successfully improved their collection by using our tried and tested procedures. Our expert team can analyze your activities and needs, find out where the problems are, and develop payment methods that are coherent for your needs.

The benefits of using Zee Medical Billing Services Include;

  • Our team of specialists includes certified coders. These coders have in-depth knowledge of multi-specialty billing, and this will help the customers get the highest returns on their claims.
  • We assure you about reducing your office expenses because we have state-of-the-art software systems which will help you in this case.
  • We provide an electronic claim submission service so that you can quickly receive your payments and in a short period.
  • Using our services, you get full control of your patient’s data and patient’s financial information.
  • To keep you updated about the patient’s claims history and unpaid balance reports, we provide each patient’s monthly financial statements.
  • We handle all billing calls for you so that you can have peace of mind.
  • We also conduct regular quality assurance checks to ensure everything is in place.

We also use state-of-the-art billing software that can easily integrate with your business’s data, or we may work with your existing software.

Clients Are Our First Priority

In today’s fast-paced healthcare world, hospital-based multidisciplinary teams expect and demand more than necessary billing and coding. First, they need top-notch service to answer questions and open up new opportunities, such as discussions in hospitals about changing a reimbursement payer, contract negotiations with a hospital, and potential ACO discussions. Zee Medical Billing Service caters to these and many other needs. An individual manager is assigned to each and every client. This manager is a member of your multi-specialty group, helping the group to become or maintain a successful practice by being available for daily questions at any time, actively providing information and ideas.

Maximum Refunds Each Time

Our team of coding professionals with in-depth knowledge of multi-specialty coding and cost recovery methods allows suppliers to receive maximum compensation each time. We make sure the claims are coded correctly, especially the complicated process, to avoid billing errors and claim denials.

With years of experience in various healthcare fields, our coding specialists are also CCS-P and CCS accredited, which helps us prescribe ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes from your practice’s medical records and reports.

100% HIPAA compatible multi-specialty billing services

Our multi-specialty billing services are based in the United States, and we ensure full compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

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Practitioners with multi-specialty can contact Zee Medical Billing Services, searching for complete revenue cycle management and billing solutions. Using our services, customers enjoy a robust, stable cash flow, personalized client-first service, advanced tools that help practice leaders make smart decisions, and real-time billing and refund information anytime, anywhere.

Zee medical billing customer managers can quickly analyze billing and payment trends with our robust technology, identify claim barriers, answer payer and customer questions.

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