Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing Services

Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing Services

Molecular (or genetic) diagnostic laboratories provide crucial testing and services that have a significant impact on people’s lives. They provide definitive scientific results that assist providers in identifying, diagnosing, and approaching medical care responsibly. Healthcare professionals realize the importance of Molecular(genetic) testing in preventive care and treatment options, but insurance companies have been slow to agree.

Molecular (Genetics) testing labs’ billing service is complex. For one, molecular testing can be costly, and payors don’t want to incur the costs, particularly when there isn’t a clear documented medical necessity. The rising demand for Molecular (Genetics) lab billing services has brought a tremendous pace of growth and ultimately driven more responsibilities. Zee Medical Billing provides intuitive laboratory billing services to efficiently implement new subsidiaries into strategic molecular lab billing services.

How Zee Medical Billing solves your Molecular (Genetics) lab billing needs?

Zee medical billing experts specialize in providing molecular lab revenue cycle management services. We ensure transparency and provide support to make you the market leader. Get to know the real-time information about your medical billing system with the right analytics.

Implement an innovative organizational strategy quickly and consistently with ZMB. Today, navigate disruption in your revenue cycle management and make better plans for future business growth. As a result, we can help you shift from volume to value with greater efficiency.

Our advance and on-premise molecular lab billing services help you manage everything from accounting to RCM. We help your molecular lab business be resilient, profitable, sustainable, and succeed in times of crisis and recovery. With the help of our billing solutions, labs find it easy to take action for an improved patient experience.

We ensure Accurate Claims Submission

Zee Medical Billing offers Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing Services to ensure claims are properly coded and submitted promptly and with all supporting documentation. Our certified medical billing specialists are experts at what they do, and they stay on top of all changes to CPT codes. Our specialized knowledge and experience mean we submit accurate claims the first time and see increased collections on A/R accounts.

In all fields of laboratory billing, ever-changing Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes present a challenge, but they have been revised at a dizzying rate in molecular billing which makes it nearly impossible for in-house billing staff to keep up. Individual genes don’t always have their own unique CPT code, making it extremely difficult to file an accurate claim. In some cases, one code can be applied to ten different genes. In other cases, the gene isn’t specified at all, so claims have to be billed with unlisted codes. Additional MolDX coding requirements for each gene further complicate the billing process.

Your lab uses expensive equipment to develop tests and record genetic and chromosomal defects, and you need to receive the maximum reimbursements for the services you provide. But you don’t have to navigate the molecular testing labs billing process alone. We’re right beside you every step of the way.

ZMB Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing Services

ZMB’s goal is to maximize revenue while allowing the laboratory to focus on diagnostic excellence and growing its business. We have been working with clinical and reference labs for years. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reviews the topmost tested genes every year and rewrites CPT codes to give the top genes their codes. Our Medical billing experts work directly with the payers to maximize reimbursement for all established codes and new codes.

ZMB Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing Services package  includes:

  • Laboratory Billing
  • Patient access
  • AR and Denials Management
  • Patient Billing & Credit Balance Resolution
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Reporting and Business Analytics
  • System and Process Implementation
  • Physician Credentialing and EDI Enrollment

We have expertise in managing complicated Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing. We provide billing services with the assurance of compliance with government policies and leverage return on revenue. We imply and configure the billing procedures with scalability and efficiency, and effectively respond to denials and rejections to execute the required annual payer adjustments and payback.

Our billing experts make sure to prepare every claim with 100% accuracy so they can get reimbursed on the first attempt. We comply with every essential protocol that ensures the improvement of your medical billing system. We provide Molecular (Genetics) Lab Billing Service to meet future demands and profitability goals by combining capabilities for medical billing services and revenue cycle optimization.

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