Medisoft Billing Services

Medisoft Billing Services

Medical billing is a challenging task as it requires a high level of coding accuracy as well as strict adherence to HIPAA regulations. The majority of healthcare providers rely on Medisoft for coding and billing. Even though it’s a task simplifier, it takes a trained and dedicated team for enhanced billing efficiency. There you need to outsource Medisoft billing services.

Zee Medical Billing has years of experience providing healthcare providers with support for all of their Medisoft Billing requirements. We have successfully assisted physicians in maximizing revenue generation and simplifying and optimizing administrative tasks by utilizing Medisoft billing software. Over the years, our dedicated billing services with Medisoft billing software have assisted our clients in shifting their focus away from the complex task of revenue cycle management and toward high-quality patient care.

The Zee Medical Billing team uses Medisoft software to assist our clients in creating and generating claims for payment, verifying claims by phone or online review, reviewing practice management data, posting payments, filing appeals, and resolving claims and payment issues.

Why Choose Medisoft Software For Billing?

Medisoft software is very cost-effective. And the features that come with the price are no less than those offered by other software on the market. The following are some of the major advantages of using the software:

  • It requires no uploading or downloading of spreadsheets thus making it very user-friendly.
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Scrubs Claims to ensure they meet all ANSI 5010 requirements
  • Flexible ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) to help you understand items to post along with posting codes
  • Verify patient eligibility before performing a service

Medisoft Billing Services ZMB Offer

We rely on our experience with Medisoft software to ensure that your billing service runs smoothly and flawlessly. Our primary billing responsibilities include the following:

  • Creating claims for processing
  • Reviewing reports for correcting errors
  • Managing Payer checklist of Requirements
  • Use Medisoft to submit claims to your insurance carrier
  • Managing aging reports
  • Data entry of patient demography
  • Answer to patient query
  • Posting patient and carrier payment records in Medisoft databases
  • Follow up on incorrect Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Set up payment plans. Manage the plans to avoid defaults
  • Take details from patients about the Coordination of Benefits of Pre Existing conditions
  • Assist carriers and patients with treatment and claims support

Benefits of ZMB Medisoft billing services

  • We integrate our billing expertise with your Medisoft billing software to ensure that claims are paid as soon as possible.
  • Our experts assist you in maximizing the benefits of each Medisoft software feature, including patient and practice accounting, to maximize revenue collection.
  • We are most concerned with the security of your data. We take all necessary steps to assist you in meeting HIPAA privacy requirements.
  • We train our specialists to keep up with changing billing regulations and software upgrades. This ensures that you can use all of the software’s features.

Why Outsource Billing Services Using Medisoft Software to Zee Medical Billing

There are several reasons for outsourcing your medical billing services using Medisoft support requirements to Zee Medical Billing and they are as follows:

High-quality Billing

While coding errors cause claims rejection, non-compliance rules can make you fall foul with regulatory agencies. Ensuring this can be a tough job for untrained staff. Therefore, you need professionals like us to handle medical billing with unmatched precision and completeness.

Cost Savings

Hiring experienced Medisoft billers can be quite expensive. In case you have in-house billers, you need to spend considerable time training them. When we take it up for you get access to experts with wide experience in handling this software.

Best Billing Tool

Medisoft is medical billing and accounting software that makes the complex process of billing simple. We use this tool because it’s popular and widely accepted by healthcare providers. Also, it’s reasonably priced for all types of healthcare practices and updated regularly

Enhanced Cash Flow

As experts in Medisoft software, we know how to use the software for maximum benefit. We use the software for end-to-end medical billing handling

Focus on Patient Care

Using billing software like Medisoft will help you focus on patient care. We take the burden to give you the peace of mind needed to focus on patient care.

Compliance Knowledge

Our experts have end-to-end knowledge of all regulatory requirements to help you run your practice as per the needs of regulatory bodies.

Outsource Billing Services Using Medisoft to Zee Medical Billing

Zee Medical Billing, a leading Medisoft billing service provider, has established itself as a pioneer in using the software to help providers gain the most benefit. Our integrated services have assisted healthcare providers in saving time, money, and, most importantly, the stress associated with the billing process. Our clients have repeatedly returned to us due to our expertise in using the software and consistent delivery of high-quality work. Today, we are a name to be trusted in the medical billing service provider industry, to our use of Medisoft Software.

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