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Evanston is a beautiful city in Illinois, 12 miles north of downtown Chicago. It is surrounded by Skokie west, Wilmette north, and Chicago south. It shares Chicago’s stunning view of the lake but differs from Chicago’s industrial atmosphere. It is a great place and quiet town with a historic university campus famous for fantastic scenery and excellent filming potential. Today, Evanston is a vibrant and perfect place for living, providing all the luxuries of life in the city while preserving its freedom from Chicago. Evanston is also filled with health care centres, hospitals, clinics, and many health care providers who trust in Zee Medical Billing Services for their medical billing needs and organizing work.

How to Choose the Best Medical Billing Service for Your Practice

Choosing the right medical billing services for your medical practice is quite a challenging job for health care providers because that decision plays a vital role in streamlining the practice, use accurate ICD-10 and CPT codes, eliminate problems, save time and bring financial success for your medical practice. We can say that selecting the right RCM solution can be a rainmaker for increasing the revenue of the medical practice. On the other hand, the bad medical billing service can turn your dreams into a nightmare; losing money and time puts extra financial load and increases the debt on practice.

An ideal or best medical billing service should have the following traits;

  • The best medical billing service employs experienced, professional, and trained workers who understand the billing process’s complexities.
  • It should be an established company and understand the healthcare and insurance industry’s federal rules and compliances.
  • It should also be able to increase the revenue cycle of the practice.
  • The best medical billing company should maintain the confidentiality of the patient’s information and ensure HIPPA compliance

Why We are the Best Medical Billing Service in Evanston, Illinois?

Our dedicated team of experts at Zee Medical Billing provides a reliable and trustworthy service to health care providers in Evanston to improve financial and administrative efficiency and manage all billing operations effectively. If you are looking to streamline your revenue cycle and take your medical billing services up to the next level, then Zee Medical Billing is the best medical billing company for your medical practice in Evanston and Illinois. Zee Medical Billing quality service is a sustainable revenue-cycle management solution for more than 30 plus medical specialities in Evanston, Illinois, and deals with various practices. We ensure our clients get faster reimbursement and provide analysis of key factors that affect the revenue. Our team of billers equipped with the best knowledge of practice management keeps up to date for new changes in the health care industry and serves our providers with values that provide great satisfaction to our provider that their practice is in safe hands.

Below is a list of Top medical Specialties in Evanston and Illinois and the latest statistics for the number of providers for each speciality.



Here is the insight into some areas of expertise and essential characteristics of the Zee Medical Billing Team.

  • Hands-on experience for insurances rules and regulations for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and Worker Compensation payer
  • Billing Knowledge of different contractor and understanding of their fee schedules
  • Answering all questions regarding billing and assist providers with quality of being resourcefulness.
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations and adopt safe practice.
  • Understanding for MIC, MAC, and RAC Audits. Identify potential issues in practice. Also, helps providers to submit medical documentation to clean audits.
  • Increase the Profitability, Reduce the administrative costs and ensure timely reimbursement
  • Quick Analysis of denials on review of practice, shares prevention plan with providers.
  • The keen grip on appeals filing and documentation for denied claims

Zee Medical Billing Services

Zee medical billing team in Evanston and Illinois have excellent experience working on multi-specialities of providers and have made life easier for many providers by providing the best services and enhancing the accuracy of clinical documentation of claims. Our experienced and highly-trained staff helps the providers to maximize the revenue collection of the practice and reduce the operational cost on time-consuming activities, which encourage practices to concentrate and spend more on their patients’ care rather than consuming time on constructing and analyzing the billing work. Zee Medical Billing services include;

  • Patient’s Scheduling and Reminders
  • Patient Registration.
  • Eligibility & Benefits Verification
  • Charge Creation
  • Apply Claim Edits – Submit Claims to Insurances According To Payer Specific Guidelines.
  • Validate CCI Compliance, and Accurate Usage of Modifiers
  • Timely Submission of Clean Claims
  • Rejections & Denials Management
  • Prevent Billing Errors
  • Timely Payments Processing For EOB and ERA
  • Secondary Claim Submission
  • Insurance Credentialing For Physicians
  • Manage the Complexities and Rules Requirements for Billing Procedure
  • Medical Billing Analysis of Practice and Share Special Reports
  • Ensure Compliance for Billing Audits
  • Provider Enrollments
  • Quick Follow-Up Service on Account Receivable

Zee Medical Billing service is familiar with all major practice management systems
• There are numerous reliable practice management systems available in the market according to the size and practice requirements. Each practice management system has some unique features and requires some understanding to operate them. However, it is good to go with any practice management system with zee medical billing service as we are already familiar with the top practice management systems.

  • AthenaHealth
  • eClinicalWorks
  • EPIC

Zee Medical Billing service can be an ideal solution for your practice, providing revolutionary medical billing services from Small-Sized Practices to Large-Sized Practices and ensure providers are correctly and timely reimbursed for their services. Our Billing Experts are ready to streamline your billing and increase the cash flow of your practice. If you’ve been looking for the right billing service for your medical practice in Evanston, Illinois, or any state from the US, fill our contact us form; we will reach you and schedule a demo.

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