Medical Billing Service for Practice Fusion

Medical Billing Service for Practice Fusion

Are you looking for experienced medical billing professionals to help you manage your revenue cycle?

At ZEE Medical Billing Services, we combine our billing expertise with Practice Fusion’s EHR software, one of the most extensively used free cloud-based EHR software programs.


Practice Fusion Billing Services for Individual Practices, Small Practices, and Large Group Practices

We ensure your practice gets the maximum benefits of each feature of Practice Fusion’s EHR software. The medical billing professionals at ZEE Medical Billing are able to access your Practice Fusion software when an insurance company requests clinical documentation. Saving your time from documentation requests.

Our medical billing experts supplement the ease of the ICD-10 keyword search provided by Practice Fusion and provide additional revision to superbills to ensure billing accuracy. With outsourced medical billing services, your office staff does not need to be accomplished in the constant changes and updates to the ICD-10 codes, billing regulations, and documentation practices.

You can continue to enjoy the ease of use and all of the wonderful features of Practice Fusion’s EHR software while outsourcing billing services to us. We pride ourselves on providing quick, efficient, and accurate billing services with the ability to process claims within the same day.

ZEE Medical Billing Services to Manage Your Medical Billing with Practice Fusion’s EHR

Choose ZEE Medical Billing Services to Manage Your Medical Billing with Practice Fusion’s EHR

By working with a professional medical billing firm, you no longer need to think about operational costs related to in-house billing tasks. Easing you of the stress of in-clinic employees and other in-clinic expenses.

Our medical billing experts are Practice Fusion specialists. Let us reduce your operational costs and drive up revenue for your practice in a transparent and HIPAA-compliant manner.

Contact us to learn more about how our medical billing experts can maximize your revenue using free Practice Fusion EHR software.


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