Medical Billing Service for Office Ally Software

Medical Billing Service for Office Ally Software

ZEE Medical Billing has years of experience in providing healthcare companies with Office Ally medical billing services. We have attained valuable experience in this field, enabling healthcare providers to focus on taking care of their patients by decreasing the amount of backlogged paperwork they have to deal with. ZEE Medical Billing provides the most smooth EHR solution you can get, through our comprehensive Office Ally software application.

Our medical billing is team well versed in Office Ally software which significantly increases claims payments for your practice. We ensure that your practice can get the most from Office Ally billing software.

Why Choose Office Ally Software for Billing?

Office Ally is a web-based servicing software, that allows you to customize your superbills. It is a cloud-based program that provides reliable services such as a clearinghouse, billing, scheduling, documentation, and practice management. This application improves the capability of the workflow of any institution with uncompromised data security since it caters to access patient records from any location. It was designed to make an organization’s workflow more organized and manageable, allowing the healthcare company to focus on their most important agenda, the patients.

ZMB’s Scope of Office Ally Medical Billing Services

ZMB’s reliable and efficient Office Ally medical billing services effectively cater to your specifications. These include:

  • Access to more than 5,000 payers with the help of a free clearinghouse
  • Endorsed products used by over 300,000 medical experts
  • Free, inexpensive EHR and practice management system
  • Complete access to the patient portal
  • Unlimited access from any location due to its web-based system
  • The capability of sending electronic claims to a large volume of people

 Besides the above advantages of Office Ally, we also provide the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the necessity of signing contracts.
  • Obtain detailed summary reports
  • Provide complimentary customer support, set-up, training, and online claim entry services.
  • Enable verification of online patient eligibility.
  • Generate quick and customizable designs for all specialties.
  • Make use of the electronic prescription option.
  • Set flexible appointments with options to change or cancel them as needed.

Why Would You Choose ZEE Medical Billing for Office Ally Billing Software Service Requirements?


Choose ZEE Medical Billing for Office Ally Billing Software Service

ZEE Medical Billing strengthens their experience in the industry to provide a well-defined workflow by the Office Ally EHR software. Our medical billing staff caters to your requirements in the following ways:

  • Timely Implementation:

We assist in installing the Office Ally EHR software so that medical firms can proceed with their work right away.

  • Customizable Application Interface:

We enable users to make use of the flexibility of the application interface by customizing it according to their unique needs.

  • Superbilling Flexibility:

Since this cloud-based platform provides a customizable feature for super billing, we can help users in collecting only the most relevant data.

  • Updated Reports:

The processing of reports can be conducted with increased efficiency since the web-based application keeps the records up to date.

  • A Well-Defined Workflow:

We close the gap between laboratories and doctors via the Office Ally EHR 24/7, by minimizing the time and paperwork it takes to send test requests to the laboratories from their office.

By outsourcing your medical billing services to ZEE Medical Billing, you can benefit from escalate efficiencies in your workflow, thus gaining your business an edge over your competitors.

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