Medical Billing Service for NextGen Healthcare

Medical Billing Service for NextGen Healthcare

If you are tired of putting billing information into your Nextgen EHR? Or is your reimbursement declining? Or would you like to spend more time on patient care?

In most healthcare organizations it is a toss-up between quality patient care and profits. You don’t have to make a choice anymore. Focus on patient care.

ZMB’s Nextgen billing experts will optimize your revenue base and quicken your workflow processes. We understand the nuts and bolts of your EHR. Increase collections and cut down on your expenses by working with ZEE Medical Billing.

ZEE Medical Billing has years of experience in providing healthcare companies with NextGen Healthcare billing services. We have gained valuable experience in this field, enabling healthcare providers to focus on taking care of their patients by decreasing the amount of backlogged paperwork they have to deal with.

We have appointed a dedicated team of medical billing experts to meet your needs. They work tirelessly to make it possible for you to file unlimited electronic claims through the software.

Why Choose NextGen Healthcare for Billing?

NextGen Healthcare is a fully integrated cloud EHR and Medical Billing Software developed by Physicians to simplify your practice.

NextGen medical practice management solutions allow you to capture your practice’s true revenue potential. Our solutions are easy to learn, simple to use, and sophisticated to help you meet today’s complex billing challenges.

It improves the efficiency of the workflow of any institution. It was designed to make an organization’s workflow more organized and manageable, allowing the healthcare company to focus on their most important agenda, the patients.

The Scope of Our NextGen Healthcare Billing Services

Our reliable and efficient NextGen Healthcare medical billing services cater to your requirements in an effective manner. These include:

  • Improved claims submission

Advanced claim scrubbing technology with customizable claims rules helps you optimize the claim, in real-time, to prevent rejections and denials by the payer.

  • Increased efficiencies

Automate time-consuming tasks across the revenue cycle, such as generating claims, running reports,

  • Easy scheduling

Flexible appointment-booking tools centralize staff calendars for multiple practice locations and configure them to meet the needs of individual physicians.

  • Enhanced patient experience

Our solutions deliver a seamless experience for your patients, enabling easier patient scheduling, smooth check-ins, and convenient payments.

Why Choose ZEE Medical Billing for NextGen Healthcare Billing Software Service?

ZEE Medical Billing leverages their experience in the industry to provide a well-defined workflow through the NextGen EHR software. Our medical billing professionals cater to your requirements in the following ways:

  • Timely Implementation:

    We assist in installing the NextGen EHR software so that medical firms can proceed with their work right away.

  • Customizable Application Interface:

    We enable users to make use of the flexibility of the application interface by customizing it according to their unique needs.

  • Updated Reports:

    The processing of reports can be conducted with increased efficiency since the web-based application keeps the records up to date.

  • Superbilling Flexibility:

    Since this cloud-based platform renders a customizable feature for super billing, we can help users in collecting only the most relevant data.

  • A Well-Defined Workflow:

    We close the gap via the NextGen EHR 24/7, by minimizing the time and paperwork.

  • HIPAA compliant:

    Our services are thoroughly HIPAA compliant

ZEE Medical Billing has helped several Nextgen users brush aside their billing hurdles and run a more profitable practice, in line, with regulatory guidelines.

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