Massage Therapist Medical Billing Services

Massage Therapist Medical Billing Services

Growing dependency on massage therapy and a breakout in the number of therapists leave independent therapists and care organizations that hire them to deal with something that’s not as promising:          partial insurance coverage and inequality of rules from one state in the US to another. What add-on to regulatory complications is that a therapy to be reimbursed, has to be endorsed by a physician through a prescription and has to be performed under the supervision of the physician.

Partial coverage, different regulations, and the need to prove by proper documentation that therapy has been carried out upon a physician’s advice and supervision as an extension of the physician’s treatment. It together brings upon the care provider administrative and other responsibilities that the provider is inadequate to hold.

Outsourcing to Zee Medical Billing

Zee Medical Billing is equipped with a professional staff. Our billing and coding staff have years of committed experience in handling massage therapy billing and coding. Their state-of-the-art billing understanding helps them to recognize therapies that are entitled to massage therapy insurance reimbursement and then prepare claims by using medical and administrative details correctly.

Moreover, Zee Medical Billing also does the efficient and precise follow-up of submitted claims to ensure quick reimbursements for you. Although part of a truly national network, our professionals bring you the advantages of a local specialist owing to their thorough knowledge of state-specific rules applicable to massage therapy.

Our flexible billing and coding service models will suit the size and nature of your organization. Our friendly staff will work jointly with your team to go through medical details and properly document them.

Furthermore, our outsourced services help you to dedicate your energy to the job and entirely outsourcing your massage therapy billing and coding activities to us. It will help support your profitability and leave you with more time to provide massage therapy.

ZMB provide services across

  • Charge Entry

    ZMB Charge Entry (CE) services ensure an end-to-end massage therapy billing and coding solution for you. Starting from filing claims electronically to shortening the process through verification of patient demographics, medical codes, DOS, POS, provider information, units, modifiers, etc to submission of claims to clearinghouses to make sure that they are 100 percent accurate. Further,  as part of audits, CE also involves random quality checks.

  • Payment Posting

    Accuracy is our strength in Payment Posting (PP). Our billers and coders are highly skilled in handling various aspects of PP. They can work on the most advanced electronic Billing plans, including underpayments,  overpayments, denials, multiple adjustments, automatic cross-over, secondary remittance, reversals, etc.

  • Account Receivable

    ZMB aims to reduce claim rejection rates and help you obtain your massage therapy claims promptly to improve your cash flow. Our billers and coders are experts in identifying the claims that require follow-ups with insurance officials and do so methodically and rigorously.

  • Denial Management & Appeals

    10 % of medical revenue is lost due to the lack of an effective Denial Management process. Due to our billers’ and coders’ experience and accuracy-driven method, ZMB will help you avoid claim denials. Though, if you have old denied claims pike up, we will assist find reimbursement for them through proper assessment, resubmission, and follow-ups where required. Our team is also skilled in filing ‘appeals’ describing the conditions that make a claim eligible for reimbursement.

Zee Medical Billing massage therapy billing and coding services have assisted big and small medical establishments across all US states improve their revenues through reduced claim denials and timely reimbursements. Our detail-oriented method and quality consciousness guarantee the precision of details going into claims and higher chances of successful reimbursement.

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