Insurance Claims Processing Services

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Providing the Optimal Way for Processing Insurance Claims

ZEE Medical Billing effectively provides end-to-end medical insurance claims processing services. We realize that every claim that is not closed in time results in increase cost. From our team of experts to our established processes to our global delivery centers to our modern claims management system, everything we do is focused on communicating clearly and working efficiently so that we get it right the first time, every time.

ZEE Medical billing services include:

  • Immediate response & contact within 24 hours
  • Prompt inspection within 72 hours of initial contact
  • First report available within 7-10 days
  • Post-inspection reserve updates
  • Adherence to contracted fee schedules

ZEE Medical Billing Range of Insurance Claims Processing Services

Being an expert insurance claims processing company, we provide services, which includes:

  • Insurance claim setup
  • Insurance claim eligibility and estimation
  • Claim document imaging
  • Disbursement
  • Full claim adjudication
  • Fast track adjudication
  • Claim support and auditing
  • Account settlement
  • Modernization of legacy applications

Insurance Claims Types that We Handle

  • HCFA Processing – HCFA1500
  • UB92/Uniform Billing/HCFA1450
  • Dental
  • Miscellaneous (Complex/Non-standard)
  • Vision

We Follow a Tried and Tested Insurance Claims Processing Process

Detailed break of the insurance claims processing process is:

Step 1:
New Claim
  • The Claim center receive a new claim
  • Quality verification and registration
  • Confirm to insured
Step 2:
  • Assign to adjuster
  • Confirmation request
  • Adjuster confirm assignment
Step 3:
  • Plan inspection
  • Contact insured
  • Perform and report inspection
Step 4:
  • Prepare estimate
  • Enter time and material
  • Estimation
  • Approve estimate
Step 5:
  • Contact insured
  • Negotiate
  • Make settlement
  • Make payment
Step 6:
Close claim
  • Complete claim info
  • Claim analysis
  • Evaluate
  • Report claim
  • Close claim

Companies Benefitted by Outsourcing Insurance Claims Processing Services:

  • ZEE Medical Billing helped a leading insurance company increase customer retention and acquisition
  • We transformed key processes for a health insurer to increase customer satisfaction
  • We facilitate managers of an insurance company to focus on claims operations performance improvements

Why Outsource Insurance Claims Processing Services to ZEE Medical Billing?

Some of the benefits that you’ll gain when you outsource healthcare support services to us are:

Uncompromising Quality

Our clients don’t compromise on quality and nor do we. We have created a billing system that turns out cent percent accurate results day-in and day-out.

Billing and Reconciling of Accounts

Our billing and reconciliation services help you to submit accurate claims and receive detailed reconciliation reports of billing data and payments from various payers. These reports provide a detailed break of the payments received, denied charges, and outstanding bills.

Best in the Class Open-To-Close Claim Ratio

We believe that one of the easiest ways to improve the open-to-close claim ratio is by reducing claims submission errors. And we endeavor to put this belief to practice by adopted of best-of-the-breed techniques and technologies.

Control Over Changing Market Conditions

Our insurance claims processing services are flexible enough to adapt to the latest business shifts in an ever-changing industry and help you respond appropriately to the changing conditions.

Other benefits of outsourcing insurance claims processing services to ZEE Medical Billing includes:

  • 24X7 Operations
  • State-of-the-art processes
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Guaranteed 98+% accuracy
  • Claims processing cycle time cut short by 40%
  • Cost reduction up to 40-50% per FTE
  • Complete data security and confidentiality
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Automated routine tasks for enhanced productivity
  • Reduced reconciliation activity for stakeholders
  • Knowledgeable resources
  • Proficiency on multiple claims and bill review platforms
  • Timely post-inspection report updates

When you outsource insurance claims processing services to ZEE Medical Billing, you’ll ally with an insurance claims processing company that is extremely skilled in combining an optimal mix of people with state-of-the technology to provide highly efficient and reliable insurance claims processing companies to insurance companies.

Get a free no sting attached billing services quote from ZEE Medical Billing for your practice.

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