Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

Geriatrics Medical Billing Services

A certified Geriatric Billing Service can help you improve your revenue cycle management. As a geriatrician, you frequently see patients who have a range of health issues, such as chronic conditions and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Dealing with billing for chronic care management and other complex issues can be time-consuming.

An experienced medical billing and revenue cycle management partner can assist you in maximizing your time with patients, reducing compliance issues, and increasing your revenue stream.

Zee medical billing certified team, work with your practice to identify problem areas, such as correct modifier usage, and to educate your practice on best procedures and practices. We will work with you to manage all aspects of your billing process and help to maximize revenue for services rendered.

We offer HIPAA-compliant medical billing services that are tailored to your practice’s specific needs while saving you 30% to 40% on overhead costs. Individual doctors, physician groups, multi-specialty groups, clinics, hospitals, home-based practices, acute care facilities, long-term care facilities, free-standing diagnostic facilities, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities can all benefit from our services.

Zee Medical Geriatric Billing with Experience

It is crucial to acknowledge that understanding all of your practice’s revenue sources is the key to successful Revenue Cycle Management. Hence, our team will assist you in increasing profitability by monitoring, measuring, and managing all aspects of your revenue cycle.

The Zee Medical billing team does have excellent tools and experience. As a result, our Revenue Cycle Management solutions have been executed to capture revenue from claims remittances, patients, and evidence-based data. Collecting from all of these sources will assist in securing your practice’s health care payments and allowing it to become more profitable.

Zee Medical Geriatric Billing Services for Your Practice

Our team of skilled and experienced billing specialists assists geriatric care providers in optimizing their revenue cycle management process and increasing revenue. We understand when claims should be bundled and when they should be submitted individually. Our services include:

  • Fast Claim Submission

Don’t experience delays or write-offs as a result of inaccurate submissions. Your billing will be submitted as soon as it is received.

  • Initial Credentialing is Free

Our qualified team contacts the carriers of your choice to obtain network status. Specifically, free at the start and a very reasonable fee per provider after that.

  • Workflow Consulting.

Our management team has over a century of combined experience. As a result, we can advise you on the best practices for setting up a team and implementing processes that ensure results.

  • Fee Schedule Analysis

We will assist in the investigation of appropriate change levels. To track and uncover any improper reimbursements, we enter the allowed amounts from the network contracts obtained.

  • Carrier Contract Advice

There are pitfalls to avoid in contracts and situations that may lead you to select non-network status with difficult carriers. We have additional expert resources available to assist when needed.

  • Fees based on Results

We do not get paid until you have been reimbursed.

  • No Surprises

There are no additional fees for postage, claims, statements, or custom report/data analytics requirements.

  • Better Reimbursements

Better Reimbursements of up to 10%.

Zee Medical Geriatric Billing Service Advantages

  • Reports are issued on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • QA testing on a regular basis with a readily available report
  • All departments are subjected to quality assurance.
  • Checking for eligibility
  • Analysis and recommendations for fee structuring
  • No long-term yearly contracts

Minimize Medical Claim Denials with Zee Medical Billing

Our experience working with physicians and healthcare organizations has taught us that revenue cycle success begins with patient registration and continues through the claims cycle. Accurate patient demographics and financial information result in fewer denials, rejected claims, and returned statements. Claim cleanliness is a critical component that prevents the denial from occurring, and the following parameters influence it:

  • Eligibility and benefits coverage
  • Clinical documentation quality
  • Patient registration data quality
  • Prior-authorizations
  • Non-covered services and medical necessity management
  • Claim editing
  • Payor rules & mandates

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