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Medical billing in Florida represents a large portion of ZEE Medical Billing experience. So we understood Florida medical billing very well. ZEE Medical Billing brings the best combination of size and scale to offer great technology and processes along with the infrastructure. We have a number of locations to provide you with personal customer support and service. Our clients have complete transparency in billing status at all times. ZEE Medical Billing dashboard reports, give you quick, easy-to-read information about your practice you can stay more in control of your billing than an in-house billing or a company across the street.

Working with a medical billing company that has experience with Florida medical billing provides a significant advantage for your medical practice.

Medical billing services with knowledge and experience concerning medical billing in Florida have:

  • knowledge about Florida’s Medicaid, along with other local payers.
  • established contacts within the departments of larger payers like Medicare who serve Florida. Such contacts allow us to more promptly solve issues with these payers.
  • knowledge about Florida’s clean claim laws, consumer collection laws, and other rules and regulations that govern medical billing in Florida.
  • Understanding of how to get your practice properly enrolled for electronic claims transmission with all of the Florida payers.

In addition to expertise in Florida medical billing, ZEE Medical Billing is able to use the knowledge it learns from medical billing in other states to bring value to your practice. If we spot payer denial patterns that span multiple states we can use this to strengthen our appeal letters.  In addition, we will often spot issues in a state and be able to prevent problems before they occur for the rest of our clients.

So, when you think about outsourcing medical billing please remember that ZEE Medical Billing is unique among the medical billing companies from which you can choose. Our medical billing services:

  1. Has proficiency in Florida medical billing;
  2. Brings you a winning combination of “local company” support with world-class technology and processes.
  3. Has a track record of delivering incredible increases in billing performance with a collection growth of greater than 15% (and often greater than 20%). This collection improvement is typically combined with a decrease in AR days to under 35-40 days.
  4. Provides you with an incredible team that includes not only skilled medical billing specialists but is strengthened with trained process engineers, technology experts, and medical professionals.
  5. Provides a service level guarantee and with our assurance, you can rest secure your medical billing outsourcing will be a success.

ZEE Medical Billing’s expertise in Florida medical billing can provide you with increased economic growth and performance. We have years of experience with billing services and can provide you the necessary peace of mind.

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