ENT/Otolaryngology Billing Services

ENT/Otolaryngology Billing Services

ENT/Otolaryngology is the field that deals with the Ear, Nose, and Throat of a human head. This field is one of the oldest fields of medicine and many medical industries are coming up forward to carry out billing services within the ENT/Otolaryngology department. Treating issues related to ENT can be specific and each differs from one another.

As an otolaryngologist, your practice likely handles a mix of surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments for patients with ear, nose, or throat diseases and disorders. Additional subspecialties such as reconstructive surgery or pediatric otolaryngology may add complexity to your billing needs.

Outsourcing your medical billing and revenue cycle management to a knowledgeable partner can help save time and reduce staff headaches over issues like claim denials.

Why Zee Medical Billing?

Our ENT/otolaryngology has experience with the full array of otolaryngology subspecialties. Zee Medical Billing team can help your ENT practice run more efficiently and maximize your revenue stream with our services ranging from billing to EHR installation and optimization.

Why prefer zee medical billing services?

  • 24/7 help
  • Over a decade of experience
  • A large number of customers
  • Quality and value services
  • Innovative billing
  • Simplified solutions
  • Expertise in many fields
  • 100% HIPPA compliance

Zee Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing services include:

  • Medical Billing
  • Revenue cycle management solutions
  • Accounts receivable and denial management
  • Financial reporting
  • Electronic health records (EHR) system installation and optimization for meaningful use

Zee Medical Billing Effective ENT/Otolaryngology Billing Process

The Zee Medical Billing process is efficient because our workflow is straightforward. The following are the steps in a typical billing process.

  • Patient Registration and Scheduling

We offer a personalized patient registration process with appointment templates, as well as welcome emails and automated reminders.

  • Verifying Patients Insurance Eligibility

We retrieve patient schedules from the hospital and verify insurance coverage. We then contact patients to obtain additional information so that the system can be updated.

  • Medical Billing

Our credentialed programmers will use their expertise to provide efficient medical billing services. They will work tirelessly to stay on top of the ever-changing industry.

  • Creating Charges

After verification, we will develop a medical claims process that adheres to specific location rules. The claims are typically created within 24 hours.

  • Auditing Medical Claims

The claims are audited, which includes several quality checks. The completed claims are subjected to the second round of testing to ensure that the procedures and diagnosis codes are correct.

  • Claim Transmission and clearing Rejections

The claims are filed for wire payments. The claim is reviewed for accuracy and given back if there are any errors. Errors will be fixed and resubmitted.

  • Payment Posting

We will post the payment along with Explanation of Benefits (EOB), indexing EOB, review of EOB for under or overpayment, and reconcile to match with actual deposits.

  • Denial Management

We will investigate the pattern and cause of the denial. Zee Medical Billing can increase the rate of first-time claim acceptance and eliminate the claim denial queue with intelligence.

  • Recovering Unpaid Claims

We will track all unpaid insurance claims for the next 30 days and collect the dues as soon as possible to reduce the receivable amount. We also look into underpaid reprocessing and quickly appeal denials.

  • Patient Follow-ups and Collections

We will contact patients who have delinquent accounts. Unresolved and non-responsive accounts are forwarded to the collection department, and clients are notified. The collection team will follow up with the respective insurance companies to finalize the payment.

Why choose Zee Medical Billing for your Practice?

We at Zee Medical Billing can assist you in getting control of your ENT/otolaryngology medical billing and getting back on track.

Our staff understands how to properly process ENT claims so you don’t have to. Because we have years of experience billing for other ENT providers, so you can trust our ENT/otolaryngology billing. To keep you from losing money, our billers will get your A/R under control and bill your Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance.

Our Otolaryngology Billing team has extensive knowledge and experience with medical billing for ENT/Otolaryngology procedures and surgeries.

In the field of ENT/Otolaryngology, there are two very common billing issues.

  • The first is the incorrect use of modifier 50, which has an impact on insurance reimbursements when billing bilateral procedures.
  • The second is claim denials for CPT code 30520 (septoplasty). These denials require appeals and additional medical documentation. Handling these claims improperly can result in a loss of revenue for the individual practices.

Zee Medical Billing can support practices in reimbursing their patients and increasing their profitability. Besides handling all aspects of your otolaryngology billing we also guide doctors and their staff through the medical billing process; from charge entry, insurance claims submission, patient billing, and denial management to revenue follow-up.

We want to make sure that physicians and their practices are reimbursed for all of the services they provide, which will allow medical practices to thrive.

ENT/Otolaryngology practices can focus on their patients and reduce revenue loss. when they use Zee Medical Billing to provide them with expert medical billing services.

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