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Chiropractic billing can be extremely complex, and this can sometimes cause unnecessary strain on financing chiropractic practices. In fact, it is estimated that 83 percent of claims failed to meet at least one document requirement, causing Medicare to pay around $ 178 million a year improperly.

Chiropractic practice doctors are increasingly leaning towards outsourcing billing. One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your application’s business aspect is hiring a quality billing service is. Your chiropractic billing company must have the necessary experience to tackle chiropractic billing and modifiers’ complexities. Zee Medical Billing has years of experience providing chiropractic billing services and will give you financial peace of mind.

Why choose Zee Medical Billing Service?

All the complexity related to chiropractic billing services means that coding and billing takes a huge amount of time and resources for an average implementation. There are still countless bugs leading to rejection and incomplete payments.

Therefore, you should choose us for the following reasons;

  • With Zee medical billing service, the collections will be improved, leading to financial gains.
  • You will be given financial peace of mind with Zee medical billing services, and payments will accelerate.
  • We will keep you updated about patients data and the financial information of the patients 24/7.
  • There will be complete transparency throughout the revenue cycle.
  • Zee medical billing services provide complete financial management reporting.
  • Since at Zee medical billing, your finances are handled by professional staff, therefore finances will improve.

Our Area of Expertise

  • Chiropractic bills and collections
  • Assertive collection methods by insurance companies
  • The maximum refund for your services
  • Great customer service for you and your patients
  • Efficient communication between you and Zee Medical Billing

What should a Chiropractic Billing Service Company do & Zee Medical Billing Services

  • The chiropractic billing company should increase your refunds. In fact, a chiropractic billing service should be more efficient and effective in billing chiropractic care than your own office. A chiropractic billing company should allow you and your staff to focus on medical practice. Whether you have a private practice or a multidisciplinary clinic, our chiropractic billing service can make your healthcare organization more profitable.
  • According to industry experts, a 20% to 35% resolution rate is considered good and acceptable. At Zee Medical Billing, account managers spend an average of eight years in chiropractic care. Thanks to their knowledge, ability, and determined follow-up, Zee Medical has a consistently lower adjustment rate of just 12% with Medicare. At Zee Medical, we achieve A / R rates for our practices higher than the industry average. Simply put, you and your practitioner will receive a higher average income per claim processed.
  • Billing chiropractic care requires nearly the same level of professional skill and knowledge as chiropractic care itself. It would help if you had experienced coders and billers who know how to apply the correct modifiers like AT to ensure that all your claims are presented properly.
  • Zee Medical Billing uses cutting edge, customer-friendly technologies to streamline the billing and customer accounting process. And you don’t have to stress about privacy; All of our software is HIPAA compliant and designed so that no recordings are available without proper permission. Your patients’ right to privacy is as important to us as it is to you.
  • By signing a contract with Zee Medical Billing, you can lower your costs and increase your income. You can also reduce your dependence on administrative staff and all the overhead associated with billing. Also, you can reduce the risk of both underpayment and negligence litigation.
  • Zee Medical Billing Services is more than just a claims processing centre because we offer many benefits and services. Our modern billing system generates your claims every day, which are accurately encoded and sent electronically. Once your super invoices have been processed, payment can be received in as little as ten days instead of three months.
  • Zee Medical Billing has years of experience in billing medical services and uses a technologically advanced billing system. We are also monitoring the Medicare Compliance Guidelines for changes. You will experience the peace of mind knowing that your claims are filed on time and correctly while ensuring uninterrupted cash flow.

Our clients reduce office costs by using our services and software. You will need a computer and a good internet connection. Our practice management software is comprehensive, even over the Internet, and is part of our standard service. There are no costly software updates you have to worry about or support fees, no hidden costs or additional fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ZEE Medical Billing provides comprehensive billing services tailored specifically for chiropractic practices. Our services include coding, claims submission, denial management, payment posting, patient billing inquiries, and revenue cycle management.

Our experienced team specializes in accurate coding and efficient claims management, ensuring optimal reimbursement rates for chiropractic procedures. We follow up on pending payments and appeals to maximize revenue for your practice.

At ZEE Medical Billing, we prioritize data security and strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations. We employ robust security measures, such as secure servers, encryption protocols, access controls, and regular audits, to safeguard patient information.

At ZEE Medical Billing, we combine our specialized expertise in chiropractic billing with a commitment to personalized service. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and delivering results that positively impact your practice’s financial performance.

We invest in continuous education and training programs to stay up-to-date with changing billing regulations in the chiropractic field. Our team attends relevant conferences, and seminars, and maintains memberships with professional organizations to ensure compliance and excellence.

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