Certified Holistic Nutritionist Salary in USA

Certified Holistic Nutritionist Salary in USA

What does a Holistic Nutritionist do?

A holistic nutritionist is an individual who suggests people not only improve their eating habits, lifestyle but also guide how to make choices that promote health. These health professionals plan and program diet charts of food and nutrition, supervise how food is prepared, and educates the patients on how their in-take is affecting the body mechanism.

Holistic nutritionists focus on every detail and consider every aspect of a patient’s life equally important to improve their health conditions and then develop a plan accordingly. . They follow a different approach than traditional western medicine

Hence, besides physical health, they look for the emotional health and wellbeing of the patients. They also identify how the environment is affecting their health and energy levels. With this, they make varied and balanced diet plans, which fulfill the health requirements.

Where are Holistic Nutritionists employed?

Holistic nutritionists usually find employment in schools, hospitals, and research laboratories after their studies. Most of them are employed as consultants on contracts in private practice sometimes as a dietitian.

How to become a holistic nutritionist?

With an increasing scope, several institutes offer master’s degrees in it and other related programs. However, the master’s program in this field is appropriate for the dietitians who aim to explore more and increase their knowledge in alternative medicine. The program mainly comprises learning about basic nutrition sciences in the beginning and further involves education on diet and lifestyle.

Holistic Nutritionist training and certifications

You don’t need any license to be a holistic nutritionist. However, to practice as a holistic nutritionist and dietitian, certain standards have been set in place in many states. Moreover, the National Association of Nutrition professionals now operates the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board.

You can go for the certification or not, but it is widely known in the industry hence if taken, it increases the job opportunities. For nutritionists to pursue their field professionally, they need to have a professional experience of no less than 500 hours.

Job titles related to Holistic Nutritionist

As per reports, the jobs of holistic nutritionists and other related fields are posted with the job title of Public Health Nutrition with an average salary of $55,000.

Holistic Nutritionist job scope

As stated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, The average growth rate in the field of holistic nutrition including nutritionists and dietitians from 2016 to 2021 was almost 16%. Hence, making it the fastest growth rate than the national average

According to Indeed.com, the average holistic nutrition salary job with a high confidence ranking, verified by more than 250 sources is $36,000.00.

Salary of holistic nutritionist by the state in the US

From the data collected by Indeed.com, the salaries of holistic nutritionists in different states of the US. are listed below.

  • Salary in Alaska

The average salaries of holistic nutritionists in Alaska were 26% lower than the rest of the jobs countrywide. It was last updated in October 2016.

  • Salary in Alabama

In Alabama, the average holistic nutritionist salary was $37,000 which is 1% higher than the average salary percentage nationwide.

  • Salary in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the average holistic nutritionist salary was $42,000 which was 15% higher than the average salary percentage countrywide. It was rated as fourth among the average salary ratings in the country.

  • Salary in Georgia

Georgia offered $41,000 which was 14% higher than other salaries and was ranked fifth in the country for an average salary of a holistic nutritionist.

  • Salary in Illinois

Illinois offered $41,000 as an average salary for holistic nutritionists which was 13% higher than offered by the rest of the states in the country.

  • Salary in Mississippi

In Mississippi, $38,000 was the average salary of holistic nutritionists which was only 5% higher than the country average and was ranked ninth in this regard.

  • Salary in Newyork

New York provides the best job opportunities in almost every field. Holistic nutritionists’ salary average was $44,000 which was 25% higher than the industry countrywide.

From 2016 to 2021, holistic nutritionist is one of the highest-paid jobs in the United States. Holistic nutritionists who earn annually around $34,500 make 10% of the lowest paid in this field. While 10% of the highest-paid earn almost $77,590 annually. Certifications and years of experience influenced the salary potential in the Holistic nutritionist field.

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