Best Therapist Websites & Counselors Resources

Best Therapist Websites & Counselors Resources

Zee Medical Billing  brings some useful websites for therapists and will help to stay in the know and work with clients

There are so many helpful resources online if you are searching the internet for resources to use with clients or to keep up with your professional goals? Whether you’re looking for handouts to share in group therapy, conferences to attend for continuing education (CE) credits, or tips for becoming a self-pay practice that doesn’t accept cash—you’ll find it all online! However, with so many websites out there, it can be difficult to know which to select.

Websites for therapists to connect with other health professionals

We are here to provide you with the list below to start your next search with these websites for therapists.

Websites for therapists to connect with other health professionals

1. Facebook 

There are many ways to connect with other mental health professionals if you’re already logged into Facebook for your social media marketing. The first option is to “like” the business page of the fellow workers to stay up to date with their professional news, like possible events in your community.

Second, a very powerful way to connect is by joining Facebook Groups, created so counselors can share resources, support, and encouragement among peers. Search for groups by interests, such as “women-owned private practices,” or locations, like “Evanston therapists.”

2. Quora 

Quora’s aim is to link people with questions to those who have answers. Like social media platforms, anyone can log in and post a question, and individuals with an answer can provide one. Unlike social media, the users do not need to know each other.

Therapists can log into Quora to exchange information on the required health profession or they can join the conversation by asking their own questions.

Association websites keep up-to-date with license

1. The American Counselors Association (ACA) 

ACA’s website is sturdy with everything from information on their annual conference to podcasts and blogs to government affairs, counselors of various specialties should check here first for education and training

2. National Association of Social Workers (NASW) 

Like APA, the NASW website has all the tools social workers need to stay updated with their licenses and knowledgeable about their field. NASW’s website has a whole page dedicated to assistance so that social workers can stay up-to-date with legislative alerts and updates.

3. American Psychological Association (APA)

For those psychologists who need to access publications, scientific findings, or CEs, the APA’s website is an ideal option. There is even a Psychology Help Center designed for consumers, so if you’re ever at a loss of where to direct your clients, this is an innovative place to start.

Websites for handouts, forms, worksheets, or multimedia

1. Pinterest 

Pinterest is overflowing with infographics. Find out quotes, pictures, worksheets, anything that clients may find useful. More options that your clients would acknowledge is creating a professional account with boards relevant to your specialty, like “Breathing Exercises,”, “Positive Affirmations, etc.” Furthermore, you can add the professional Pinterest profile in the new client welcome letter so all clients can browse the boards on their own time.

2. Therapist Aid

If you want worksheets to share with your clients, whether you treat children, teenagers or adults, Therapist Aid is all-inclusive, and they make it easy to find what you’re looking for when you filter by age range or topic. A bonus is the interactive tools and guides that you can refer to clients for use outside of the session.

3. Psychology Tools

Psychologist Tools has downloadable worksheets and handouts that you can use with individual clients or in your groups. There are also healthcare resources you can point your clients to use at home, like audio therapy resources for breathing and relaxation.

4. was created as a resource to influence therapists of any background. A site is especially a learning tool that allows counselors to watch, listen, and learn on a variety of subjects to better their treatment or administrative skills. There are articles and interviews that are interesting and well-written.

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