Medical Billing Consulting Services

Medical Billing Services

Zee Medical Billing Services provides professional medical care and medical management. Whether you need a full billing service from start to finish, like our Zee billing service, or need a short-term employee, our team, accustomed to billing will be happy.

All services are not a fit for all customers, and since we want to help you in any way possible, our first step is to assist you always to choose the service you need and what is important to you. Then we can select the best answer for you.

Our Expertise – A Complete Medical Billing Solution

Changing payers is inevitable, but we are moving forward with constantly updating our legal coding database, which is the basis of knowledge and millions of laws that immediately identify the issues required before filing. This ensures that a large number of our requests are accepted and paid for on a first-come, first-served basis.

At the time of the refusal, our team of experts began to manage the rejection in completion and add another law to our database to prevent this refusal from happening again for our customers and us.

Following are some of the services provided.

  • Review and analysis of the payment schedule
  • Confirmation of Eligibility
  • Help with EDI, ERA, and vendor registration.
  • Electronic and paper filing of claims
  • Proper management of account receivables
  • Secondary insurance billing management 
  • Managing incoming calls from patients
  • Recovery of old account receivables
  • Reference and authorization alert
  • Charge entry, with all features
  • Posting insurance and patient payments
  • Comprehensive insurance follow-ups
  • Processing and distribution of patient statements and mailing
  • Failure check and management
  • Appealing all rejected or low-paying claims
  • Management reports

Benefits of Using Zee Medical Billing Services 

Improved Cash Flows 

Cash flows are the lifeblood of any organization, and healthcare providers are no exception. Our Professional Revenue Cycle Management Services are offered by experienced professionals who can expertly handle various medical claims upon first filing.

Fast and Easy Claim Submission

Providers can more quickly submit claims on their behalf. Not only that, we provide technologically advanced solutions from the outset. In short, we ensure that all parts can be quickly filled in while maintaining a specific rate of reimbursement. 

Medical Billing Solutions As Per Your Need

Our team of expert medical coding consultants is the answer to all the concerns surrounding medical billing. In short, it is accurate and to the point. You can expect timely submission with insurance companies and active management of patients.

Eligibility and Advantages of Better Collection

This is the workflow that allows us to submit the required reports in advance. Service providers are aware of expired patients’ statuses to avoid potential delays. Therefore, clinicians are here to replenish their collections.

Proper Coverage of Insurance and Gaps in Health Plan

Our expert medical billing and coding team will advise if they find any coverage gaps in the patient’s health plan. For example, when a patient’s insurance does not cover a medical condition or treatment, we inform them first.

Failure Control and Management 

Here at Zee Medical Billing Services, the team reports in a timely manner if they encounter any subordinate issues, including errors and omissions. Our transparent approach is to keep our providers updated on the status of claims and the reasons for delays.

Advance Reporting Service

According to their custom needs, detailed analysis reports are submitted to physicians and specialists to help them make business decisions. We break down each stage of the process according to the needs of the clinicians with different characteristics.

Fewer Costs Than Before

If you choose to outsource your medical billing services to us, you will dramatically reduce your costs. It’s the right mix of skills, experience, and resilience to help us accelerate your income cycle. Let’s get the upper hand overspending and push the boundaries together.

Empathy and Determination

Covid-19 made us think a lot. It disrupts the flow of life. However, this does not prevent us from serving the interests of our customers. 

Best Medical Billing Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of consulting services to meet any need. We regularly advise clients on successfully integrating software solutions into their billing and certification practices and HIPAA compliance.

Our services also include the following benefits.

  • Temporary staff
  • Setting up electronic billing
  • Data entry services including patient and fee data
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Analysis of the collection schedule
  • Practice analysis
  • Patient insurance and fees
  • CPT coding and cost recovery analysis

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