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inpatient and outpatient healthcare services

Comparing Inpatient and Outpatient Healthcare Services

There are two main types of medical services: Inpatient and Outpatient. Both services are different in their strategies and the period that patients spend at healthcare facilities. Outpatient services are handled within a day and do not require any night stay. On the other hand, inpatient services require at least one night stay or longer…

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illegal medical billing practices

Illegal Medical Billing Practices You must Know

Security is crucial in every field of life. In the field of medical billing, ethical medical billing practices are the foundation of upholding the integrity of the healthcare system. As medical billing is a complex field, maintaining the security of this system is also a complicated task. Nowadays Medicare fraud is one of the fastest-growing…

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Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant

Pros and Cons of Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant

In the healthcare system, nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) play crucial responsibilities, particularly when doctors are sometimes not available. Both careers involve providing medical diagnoses, writing prescriptions, and tending to patients, frequently in emergency departments. The two positions do differ significantly from one another, though, in terms of training, duties, and professional independence.…

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modifiers in medical billing

Solving the Puzzle: GA, GX, GY, GZ, and Modifier 95, 93 clarified in Medical Billing

In the medical billing field, professionals bill a lot of patients’ data, and medical billing modifiers differentiate these patients. The ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) specifies Medicare modifiers to add additional information about the rendered service or procedure. Medicare specifies different types of modifiers among those four most common modifiers that confuse most of the people…

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